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Looking for a unique decoration for your home? Then you’ll love this Sun Print Wall Art by Crafts by Amanda. She used our Nature Print® Paper to create these beautiful works of art in under 10 minutes! Use any household item you like to create your design, such as starfish and flowers. Then you can either hang them on the wall or use them as picture frames for your table.

sun print wall art craft

This craft uses the sun to create the image. You must have direct sunlight for 2 minutes, so be sure to pick a sunny day! You can see how the shadow of the starfish creates a nice shape on the Nature Print® Paper. The paper is easy to use and Amanda has a very informational tutorial on her blog, with images plus tips and tricks to perfect your project. Check out the step by step instructions for Sun Print Wall Art at

Since this is a fast and easy craft idea, it can also be used at a senior center, nursing facility, or for a classroom activity!

sun print wall art home craft

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Crafts by AmandaAmanda Formaro is a well-known craft designer and blogger with over 20 years in the craft industry. She has authored 5 craft books for kids with more on the horizon and is well known for creating projects with easy instructions that anyone can follow. She loves to create, finds relaxation through a paintbrush and blogs over at (



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  1. I found these tips amazingly awesome for refreshing home and office space. Art is something that refreshes our mood and makes our walls beautiful. Thanks for sharing the valuable post. I have some ideas as blueprint art. Hope you would love my blog too.

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  3. Adding a wall art decor to your house, office, or your buildings’ interior can create an impact. Art helps in creating a mood that you want for your interior and can help express what you want others to feel as well. It is important to know first what type of wall art is suitable for your interior’s setting. Thank you for sharing this helpful information!

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