Bead Crafts for Breast Cancer Awareness

breast cancer awareness craft

The National Breast Cancer Foundation has deemed October National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a way to help raise awareness, make a pink ribbon out of fuse beads and make necklaces, keychains, or even magnets. These can be used for an awareness craft activity, and for a fundraiser where the proceeds can be donated. In just 3 simple steps, you can help make a difference.

Pink Ribbon Craft

Breast Cancer Awareness crafts


Step 1: Place the pink beads onto the square pegboard. You can use both light pink and dark pink. Start with the outline to make it easier. Follow the design in the photo with 3 beads across the top, 4 down each side, and then 2 across at the bottom.

Step 2: Cover the beads with ironing paper (comes with the pegboard set). Set your iron to medium and fuse the beads together evenly by ironing in a swirling motion for about 30 seconds. Only iron one side so the beads melt stay together, and the other side shows the beads in tact. TIP: Use a cutting board to work on just to be safe.

Step 3: Attach key rings for a keychain, add a chain for a necklace, or add a magnet on the back to put on the refrigerator.

Hope Keychain Craft

breast cancer awareness crafts


Step 1: Cut a piece of cord about 12 inches long. Bring the two ends together, and a loop will form in the middle. Make a knot to attach the loop to the keychain ring.

Step 2: Choose what color beads and what pattern you’d like for your keychain. String the beads on in the order you want, and then tie the ends.

Step 3: Now you can hang your keychain on your bag to raise awareness, give it to a friend, or use it to raise money at a fundraiser!

S&S Worldwide is proud to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Join us in our efforts to raise awareness and raise money to help support their cause. We are donating 100% of the profits from our Go Pink campaign.

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