Four Fuse Bead Patterns Sure to Make your Heart Melt

Fuse beads (or hama beads as they are sometimes known) have been around since the beginning of time. Ok maybe not that long, but definitely since I was a little girl crafting at my mom’s kitchen table in Michigan. I’m always delighted to see how crafters remix and reinvent this beloved craft staple. From jewelry to bike bling, it’s amazing how many things these little guys can come together to make! Teamwork, am I right? Check out a few of our favorite fuse bead creations below!

DIY Fuse Bead Bunting

see tutorial at Paper and Pin

Fuse bead bunting

We love this festive take on the traditional chevron. These would make the perfect craft for a child’s birthday party or even to hang in a bedroom or playroom as handmade decoration. Keep them varied and colorful, or go with a monochromatic color scheme for an elevated look!

DIY Fuse Bead Necklace

see tutorial at The Crafted Sparrow

fuse bead neclace

Take your bead game to the next level! Again, these are quick and easy enough to be done at birthday parties, and fashionable enough that kids will want to wear them all year ’round. With a little help from mom and dad, older kids can make geometric chevron pendants (left), while the littles work on simpler threaded versions (right).

DIY Watermelon Bead Bracelet

see tutorial at Handmade Charlotte

fuse bead bracelet

What says summer quite like a juicy slice of melon? How about rocking one around your wrist? Watermelon bead bracelets are perfect for this time of year! Durable enough for sunny days spent poolside, and bright and cheery enough for days spent indoors. Yum!

DIY Bike License Plates

see tutorial at Willow Day

fuse bead crafts bike plate

Let your crafty colors fly! I love this American flag design (I’m a sucker for all things red, white, and blue), but there are so many other fun ways you can use beads to deck out your bike. How about a personalized nameplate, for example!? Willow Day gives an awesome tutorial on how to use fuse beads to customize your kiddo’s ride.

Fuse beads will forever hold a special place in my craft closet, and seeing crazy creative uses for these little pieces of my childhood makes my heart so happy. If you don’t know where to start, I’d recommend a jumbo bead bucket, ironing paper, and a fuse bead activity pack (complete with all sorts of fun shaped reusable pegboards). Together these will launch you into the big brave beading universe!

I’m obviously a huge fan of these little gems and would love to see what all of you do with them! Send us pics of your creations. Who knows, you might even give me some new ideas to work on with my own little crafty crew!

Rachel Faucett Handmade CharlotteAuthor: Rachel Faucett from Handmade Charlotte
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