Back to School Activity Ideas for Seniors and Grandkids

back to school seniors grandkids

For this back-to-school season, consider planning a special intergenerational event to unite your residents with their school-aged grandkids. Here are a few ideas from for you to choose from.

1. Kindergarten Skills Training

Get the kindergarteners ready for school by hosting different types of activities in which residents can teach the kids new skills. For instance, provide toy airplane kits for the kids to improve their motor skills, use team play wrist links for kids to better their social skills, or have the residents call a fun game of Simon Says for kids to improve their listening skills.

2. Milk and Cookies Break

Recruit your facility’s Baking Club to bake an array of different cookies as you invite the grandkids to stop by for a fun afternoon. Set out the cookies, along with regular, chocolate, and strawberry milk – and don’t forget the fun, colorful straws.

3. School Supplies Fundraiser

Invite the grandkids to help your residents collect school supplies for needy students. Set up several tables throughout your facility for staff members and family members to drop off school supplies or donate money. Once all the supplies have been collected and the money has been spent for more school supplies, invite the children back to your facility for an assembly-line activity of stuffing book bags with each of the supplies before donating them to needy students.

4. Cartoons With Grandma and Grandpa

Host a fun Saturday morning cartoon-watching party in your Activity Room for the grandkids. Set out several different kinds of cereal for the kids to eat. Entice your residents to join the activity by providing a few of their favorite breakfast snacks, like croissants or bagels.

5. Brown Bag Lunch Picnic

Coordinate with your facility’s Dining Services to provide picnic lunches for residents and their grandchildren to enjoy a backyard picnic on the back patio. Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and homemade cookies for the participants. Afterwards, invite the kids to play a fun foam-disc-tossing game in the backyard as their grandparents watch.

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