Activities for National Bake and Decorate Month

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Since October is National Bake and Decorate Month, be sure to supply residents with fun activities throughout the month that allow them to show-off their baking and decorating skills. Here are 5 activities from to get you started:

1. Cookie Bake-Off

Divide residents into teams and have each team bake the same type of cookie (e.g., chocolate chip cookies). Have each team add in a different ingredient, like walnuts, raisins, white chocolate chips, or oatmeal, to see which variation of the cookie tastes best. Recruit your facility’s administrators to be the judges.

Another version of the activity is to have each resident bake their own cookie recipes. For this activity, you may need to also use toaster ovens or schedule a time to use your kitchen’s ovens to accommodate all the bakers. Set up the activity in your Activity Room just like an official Pillsbury Bake-Off, with each resident having their own baking station (without the oven), supplies, and chef hats. Give the participants an hour to bake and to present their cookies to the judges. Award medals to the top bakers.

2. Charity Bake Sale

Organize a facility-wide charity bake sale, encouraging staff members to join in as well. Make this an annual event during National Bake and Decorate Month, hosting it on a weekend to include family members as well. Start the organizing early and use a charity bake sale kit to make sure that your fundraiser is well-attended.

In addition, schedule other activities that will help you get ready for the big event, like a Sign-Making activity for residents to design signs on poster board that can be placed throughout the facility as reminders.

3. Donut Bar

Host a donut bar party for residents to have them to decorate their own donuts. Ahead of time, invite residents to assist you with making a variety of flavored donut batter that can be made into donuts easily and quickly using a donut maker. For the party, set out a toppings station so that residents can pick the flavored doughnut that they want before adding on their desired toppings, using a variety of different icings and sprinkles for residents to choose from.

4. Crafts: Baking Supplies

Instead of purchasing ready-made baking supplies for your facility’s Baking Club, encourage residents to assist you with personalizing them. For instance, provide residents with pot holders or aprons that they can decorate using fabric markers or fabric paint.

5. Cookie Delivery

Recruit residents to assist you with baking batches of cookies to deliver to your local fire and police station in October. Consider scheduling the delivery around Patriots Day (September 11th) to show your facility’s support.

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