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wellness committee

Wellness Committee

Wellness is an important concept here at S&S Worldwide. In fact, it is woven in our mission statement. For many years, our company has been promoting wellness through various initiatives such as the biometric screenings, flu shot clinics, and more recently with the on-site mammogram van. We also have access to the fitness center at no cost to employees. To continue to promote healthy lifestyles and well-being, the Wellness Committee was formed, comprised of employees from departments across the company.

This new Wellness Committee was tasked with improving the overall well-being of S&S employees through education, communication and execution. Some of the ways the committee plans to achieve this goal is through wellness challenges, seminars and webinars, planned programs and increased communication through a bi-monthly newsletter.

S&S Walking Club

On May 15th, the committee officially kicked off our first wellness challenge, called Walking Steps. The idea behind this program is to challenge employees to get active and moving more, not just on lunch breaks or during office breaks, but also at home and on the weekends. Many of us have busy schedules and lifestyles, so this program encourages everyone to think about the amount of exercise they do in a week. All participants are eligible for fun and exciting incentives while enjoying fresh air and sunshine with the newly created mile markers around the building.

walking steps wellness comittee

Walking Challenge for Steps to Literacy

The committee also wanted to include our new colleagues at the recently acquired company called Steps to Literacy. This is how we were inspired to come up with the idea to “walk the distance” between the S&S facility in Colchester, CT to the Steps to Literacy headquarters in Bound Brook, New Jersey. This is a total of 150 miles! We loved the concept of taking steps toward literacy, and understanding the importance of both.

An individual goal of 150 miles per participant has been set, with an end date of July 31st. If the individual reaches (or surpasses) that goal, they will earn a special edition moisture-wicking S&S shirt. Everyone is tasked with tracking how many miles they walk (or run) during the week, using their phone app, Fitbit, or pedometer. Walking Champions have been elected in each department and all mileage will be turned into them every Monday.

Learn more about Steps to Literacy here.

The S&S Wellness Committee is thrilled to have had over 130 employees sign up for the walking challenge. It will be exciting to find out how many miles we have walked together as a team!

Submitted by: Kelly LaBarre, Wellness Committe Member & Walking Champion

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