Vin Pescosolido, Nominated for CFO of the Year

CFO of the Year S&S WorldwideWhen many people think of a Chief Financial Officer, they imagine an executive responsible for crunching numbers and squeezing budgets to get the most out of an organization’s financials. These days CFOs are so much more than that. They are usually sitting side by side with CEOs and COOs creating strategic plans and shaping the organization’s future, much beyond the financials.

Enter our CFO, Vin Pescosolido, who has been nominated by our financial institute, Webster Bank, as Hartford Business Journal’s CFO of the Year! Webster Bank has recognized what we see every day in Vin, his dedication, excellence, and outstanding performance. A team of executives including Stephen Schwartz, Hy Schwartz, Adam Schwartz, Bob Fuller, Audrey Bis, and Jody Bertrand joined Vin at the annual CFO of the Year luncheon on September 10th to celebrate Vin and 21 other finalists.

Vin is very involved and invested in the success of S&S Worldwide, and we could not be happier to celebrate him and his achievements. If you have ever been in a meeting where Vin is discussing financials, budgets, or company performance you can appreciate his ability to speak to everyone in terms that we can understand and comprehend. This is so important to the culture here at S&S because we all play a role in the success of the organization. Stephen Schwartz recognizes this, “One of Vin’s strengths has always been his ability to simplify financial information so that we can all understand it. This is not easy, since we all come from disciplines. He has never been one of those guys who loves to talk over the tops of our heads.”

CFO of the Year

Stephen, along with Hy and Adam, are grateful to have a CFO that is as invested in S&S Worldwide as they are. Hy gives us a little glimpse into Vin’s journey with S&S, and reminds us of why being an Italian from the Bronx has its perks!

“Since the day Vin came to S&S in 2000, he has brought a planning process and fiscal discipline that helped us professionalize the way we run the company. Every year we got better at planning and controlling our costs and this allowed us to better predict our annual profits, which allowed us to better invest in our company.

In 2008, Vin’s steady hand at the financial controls led us through some rocky waters, putting us in a position to emerge from a potentially bad situation, even stronger than before. Many of our competitors were not as successful.  Our bank took notice and applauded us for quickly recognizing the situation we were faced with and acting quickly to protect the business. Without Vin’s help and guidance, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Over the past two years, Vin has been a chief architect of and champion for our Five Year Plan.  He’s a key adviser to both Adam and myself, and what’s more, he’s fun to work with.  Plus, and most importantly…he’s a die-hard Yankee fan from the Bronx!  We’re very proud that he was nominated for CFO of the year.  Vin – you’re a winner in our minds!”

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