8 DIY Baby Yoda Crafts for Kids

Baby Yoda is a cute character loved by so many kids and adults! We’ve shared some easy DIY crafts that kids can enjoy while at home during the holidays. 

Baby Yoda Ornament

Use fillable ornaments to create cute Baby Yoda decorations for the holidays! Crafty Jenn shares how to make them in this video tutorial. Add green felt for the ears (our neon pack matches the green color the best) and tan felt for the body. Then you can draw on a face with permanent marker or use their method of transferring the eyes, ears and mouth on.

Baby Yoda Bookmark

Baby yoda bookmark

We love this idea to create a bookmark design so kids can save their page with their favorite Mandalorian character! For this DIY craft by Red Ted Art, all you need is construction paper, scissors, a glue stick, and and a black marker. This craft encourages creativity and can make reading fun!

Baby Yoda Egg Carton Craft

baby yoda egg carton

How cute is this upcycle craft from Fun Learning Life? Use green acrylic paint and paint your egg carton, then cut out the head and ears. Then add a craft stick or paint stick and use brown construction paper to cover it – that’s Baby Yoda’s coat!  

Baby Yoda Hat and Ears

baby yoda ears craft

Kids love imaginative play and dressing up as their favorite characters! Have them create a wearable DIY craft that can inspire fun adventures like Baby Yoda has. For this craft from This Simple Home, all you need is green construction paper or neon poster board, and scissors and glue! You can also add some hair with poly-fil or cotton balls

We also love this style yoda hat from Nerd Craft Librarian. You can draw some details with pen or markers!

baby yoda hat

Baby Yoda Lantern

baby yoda lantern

If you are planning a Yoda or Star Wars themed party, you can create these fun DIY paper lanterns from DesertChica.com, using green lanters or have kids color their own paper lanterns green. Then add ears using green foam or construction paper. Add a brown paper bag for the bottom!

Baby Yoda Garland

baby yoda garland

Decorate any room with this adorable Baby Yoda Garland from Momtastic. As an alternative for felt balls, use green construction paper for the head, green felt for the ears, and brown felt for the body (you can see all felt packs here). Then thread some white string through the pom pom beads – no needle required!

Baby Yoda Craft Roll

baby yoda craft roll

Here is another upcycle craft from Ruffles And Rain Boots using a toilet paper roll, or you can use these pre-colored craft rolls. Use their printables to cut out the face shapes from construction paper (green, light pink, tan, brown). Glue them onto the craft roll and display for everyone to admire!

Baby Yoda Door Sign

In this video tutorial from DIY Labs, kids will learn how to make Baby Yoda sign for their door! Use green construction paper (or foam sheets) and cut out the shapes – head, ears, and hands. Glue these together. Then draw the face using a black marker. For the sign, you can use any type of decorative paper or poster board. Add glitter to make it shine!

You can also make this adorable Baby Yoda paper plate craft with your kids! They can glue a craft stick to the back of the plate if you’d like to use as a pupper or for dramatic play.

A few more Baby Yoda ideas for more advanced crafters:

baby yoda clay

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