Ideas Worth Sharing – Habitat for Humanity


We survey many of our customers and sometimes ask them what they use the products they are buying for. We continue to be wowed by your creative, resourceful and genius ideas, so we want to share them for others to enjoy!

Nancy, from Community Bible School shared with us how she used our Create Your Own House Kit.

“We purchased several cardboard Four Room Playhouse Sets for our Vacation Bible School this summer, as our theme will be about the organization “Habitat for Humanity,” which builds homes for the homeless.  We thought the youngest children would enjoy assembling and decorating these houses, similar to what Habitat does.”

Create Your Own HouseWe love how Nancy used this product to help educate her children on Habitat for Humanity. If you have used our products in any creative ways, share with us, we’d love to hear all about it!


S&S Worldwide and Parks & Rec Go Way Back!


In addition to July being National Parks & Recreation Month, this year the National Parks & Recreation Association is celebrating 50 years!  That got us thinking about how long it has been that we have had our partnership with the NRPA. To better answer just how long we have been working with Public Parks & Rec departments (almost 50 years!) and how it all started, we asked our CEO, Stephen Schwartz.

kaleidoscope craft“In the mid-1960’s, S&S was in the process of transitioning from a leathercraft company serving handicapped people, to a wider arts and crafts company selling to organizations serving children.  Park and Rec departments were new at this time, and one of the first in our area was in the Town of Windsor, Connecticut.   The director of their Park and Rec was Esther Cloonan, a very creative lady who developed craft ideas for us.   She worked closely with my Dad, Hy, who wanted to give kids the ability to make a craft project that they could then play with.

One of their collaborative ideas was the Kaleidoscope. It was originally made with glass mirrors and small pieces of colored glass. Later, we changed the mirrors to plastic, and the colored glass to colored plastic straws, for safety. We originally sold it as a pack of 12, but it was so popular, we developed the 50-pack.

Since 1967, millions of kids throughout the country have built and then played with our Kaleidoscopes (Item # GP50), and it remains one of our best-selling products almost 50 years later!”

Kaleidoscopes Craft Kit

3D Printers and Product Creation


Working at S&S is fun for me, I get to use both my undergraduate engineering and graduate marketing background. On the marketing side, I get to manage the classic 4P’s (product, price, place and promotion) of our Sports and Games lines, and on the engineering side, I get to design, develop, and bring new products to market.

Recently S&S has started to sell 3-D printers and that means we now have a few that we can use when developing new products.  Instead of designing an item and then investing thousands in dollars in production tooling to see if my design was correct, I can now print out a 3-D prototype.   The prototype allows me to see, touch, and even try out a design to see if its correct or needs further improvement.   Better yet, in some cases, I can design a part and print it out all in the same day instead of waiting 2 to 3 months for a production mold.

3D printer used in classroom Continue reading

Freebie Friday – May 1st


For our Freebie Friday last week, we asked you all to look at a picture of a desk and tell us how many S&S products you could see for a chance to win a $50 E-Gift Card. We were SO impressed with everyone’s answers, many of you really know our products! Below are all of the featured items!


1. Evolution Power Plus Charger
2. Presharpened #2 Pencils
3. Owl Pencil Sharpeners
4. Assorted Sunworks Groundwood Construction Paper
5. Jute Macrame String
6. Ball Mason Jar
7. Post-It Notes
8. Rotary Desk Organizer
9. Small Binder Clips
10. Translucent Push Pins
11. Fine Tip Neon Sharpies
12. Fiskars Softgrip Titanium Scissors
13. Piggy Bank Craft Kit
14. Simon Electronic Carabiner Game
15. Dry-Erase Calendar
16. Side Load Letter Tray
17. Two Pocket Portfolio Folders
18. Day to Day House Blend Single Brew Cups
19. Single Serve Stacking Coffee Baskets

Thanks to everyone who entered! Check back with us every Friday to see what we’ll be giving away for our next Freebie Friday!!