Trending Product Ideas from April

Looking for inspiration or curious about what others in your field are doing in their programs? We’ve pulled together some of the ideas our customers have shared with us to share with you. Want to submit your own idea to us?  You can email us at [email protected]. For more ideas shared by our customers – head to our Customer Chatter Page. Follow the hashtag #sswwtrends on social media.

Our Balsa Wood Glider is a perfect wedding favor for all ages!

Balsa Wood Airplane Glider toy

Our Velvet Sand Landscape Craft is the perfect project for dad to help with!

This Shabby Chic upcycled lamp features paper doilies or an elegant look and a fun way to dress up any room!

Whether using Pool Noodles or Hula Hoops, these Bases are perfect for creating obstacle course challenges.

Creating opportunities for all students and having an inclusive environment is important when considering all games and activities in your program, we love what this PE Teacher did with our Noodle Connectors and Noodles for a game of Putt Putt.

Our ceramic piggy banks aren’t just for unleashing creativity, they are also a great way to engage children during a lesson on saving money.

We love this gift idea from Jacquelyn to her family members and friends. An adorable and personalized tray to hold something they enjoy.

This PE Teacher is using our plush slithering snakes to get her students excited about the parachute activity!

snake exercise

We would love to hear from you too on the fun, cool, engaging and creative activities you are doing with your S&S Worldwide Products! Email us at [email protected]

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