Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Pre-K & Kindergarten

Give your Pre-K or Kindergarteners the perfect gifts for the holiday this year! Here are 10 hand picked items from one of our S&S associates to help your little ones enjoy the season.
 pre-k kindergarten gifts
1. Candy Land® Game

I remember how I used to play Candy Land for hours as a child, and I look forward to playing this game with my children as well. I love that the game has pictures on the card so reading is not required. I think at this age it is important to learn about how to be a good winner and good loser, and shake hands at the end of each game. So this will be a fun way to introduce that concept.
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Group Craft Activities for Father’s Day


Need some Father’s Day craft activities for your classroom or afterschool program? We’ve chosen 5 of our favorite DIY group crafts to share with you that can be made with just a few simple materials. Kids can give their dads a personal gift made from the heart – and have fun making them!

Neck Tie Craft

Father's Day crafts

Our Color-Me™ Neck Ties are perfect for Father’s Day! They come as a pack of 12 plain white ties, and are less than $1 per project. Kids can use fabric markers, stickers, paint, or even yarn to decorate their tie. Elastic bands make them wearable too! Continue reading


My New Sound System Helps Me Sleep


Every year at S&S Worldwide, we have one week during October that is called Customer Service Week! This week is all about giving back to our customers, as well as our internal customers (employees of S&S). During this week there are games that are played in between business and you get an opportunity to receive tickets and win a large range of items!

I happened to be the lucky winner of our Sound Spa Relaxation System! This was an item that I have always wanted because I constantly have issues with falling asleep. I noticed that if I had some background noise, it was much easier to fall asleep. This machine offers six different sounds to listen to (White Noise, Ocean, Summer Night, Thunder, Rain, and Brook), with the White Noise being my favorite! There’s an easily adjustable volume setting so you can choose how loud or quiet you wish it to be. Not only tare you able to adjust volume easily, but it also has an optional timer with an automatic shut-off, so it doesn’t have to play all night wasting energy. You can either plug it into your outlet, or it has an option to use AA batteries if you would like to take it with you somewhere!

sound system for sleeping and sensory

This prize has really been a gift for me. If falling asleep is an issue for you or if you need a sound machine for any other reason, I highly suggest this item for it’s functionality and simplicity! I highly suggest checking this sound system out and you can decide for yourself what you think!


Mikayla HeckathornSubmitted by: Mikayla Heckathorn, Telesales Representative at S&S Worldwide





Ideas Worth Sharing – Staff Appreciation


We survey many of our customers and sometimes we ask them what they use the products they are buying for. We continue to be wowed by your creative, resourceful and genius ideas, so we want to share them for others to enjoy!

A CEO from a non-profit organization shares with us their thoughtful and creative idea using our  Variety Erasers to appreciate their staff in a purposeful way. They highlighted the unique ways each person contributes to the team.

“My hardworking, non-profit staff deserved to know I appreciated their special talents and efforts, so I wrapped up a baseball pencil, notebook, and an eraser that signified my appreciation. Our salesperson, with a great deal of drive, got a car eraser. The staffer who always seems to save-the-day got a helicopter. Our accountant got a hammer since she just keeps hammering away at us to do things correctly. The erasers are really fun, colorful and even have moving parts!! These were a much appreciated treat.”

erasers for appreciation


10 Gifts Any Teacher Will Love!


Let’s celebrate our teachers! Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8th this year. What better time to let the teacher in your life know how much we appreciate the things they do for us each and every day. Whether you are a principal, student, or parent, here are 10 creative gifts any teacher would love to get.

1. Teacher Tote-All
The name says it all! The Teacher Tote-All can carry all the books, papers, and supplies your teacher has to truck around. Another added benefit, it’s lightweight and folds completely flat when not in use! Purchase the Tote-All Apron for even more storage room!

Teacher Tote-All


2. Relax and Renew Stream Diffuser Kit
Every teacher could you some rest and relaxation once in a while. Help your teacher create their own relaxation sanctuary with this Aromatherapy kit. Kit comes complete with a whisper quiet fan, two bottles of essential oil blends (Relaxation and Vitality) and one aroma pad.

Relax and Renew Stream Diffuser Kit

3. Autograph Dog
Create a keepsake that can be kept for years! Our Autograph dog is inexpensive and a great way to show your teacher your appreciation! Each student can sign their name and add a quick note thanking their teacher for everything they do. Continue reading