10 Gifts Any Teacher Will Love!

Let’s celebrate our teachers! Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8th this year. What better time to let the teacher in your life know how much we appreciate the things they do for us each and every day. Whether you are a principal, student, or parent, here are 10 creative gifts any teacher would love to get.

1. Teacher Tote-All
The name says it all! The Teacher Tote-All can carry all the books, papers, and supplies your teacher has to truck around. Another added benefit, it’s lightweight and folds completely flat when not in use!

Teacher Tote-All


2. Relax and Renew Stream Diffuser Kit
Every teacher could you some rest and relaxation once in a while. Help your teacher create their own relaxation sanctuary with this Aromatherapy kit. Kit comes complete with a whisper quiet fan, two bottles of essential oil blends (Relaxation and Vitality) and one aroma pad.

Relax and Renew Stream Diffuser Kit

3. Autograph Dog
Create a keepsake that can be kept for years! Our Autograph dog is inexpensive and a great way to show your teacher your appreciation! Each student can sign their name and add a quick note thanking their teacher for everything they do.

Autograph Dog

4. Eggspert Classroom Show Game
The Eggspert Classroom Show Game is the ultimate teaching tool for math, spelling, science and more! Easily direct any trivia game you’d like! Comes with two game modes, quiz show and scrambled eggs. Answer buttons light up, flash, beep, buzz and talk! Wireless version also available.

Eggspert Classroom Show Game

5. Dry-Erase Activity Pocket Chart
Being a teacher can be stressful! So anything that can aid them during their day-to-day will be much appreciated. This Pocket Chart will help teachers stay on track and teach time management to students. All cards are dry-erase and can be reused day after day and with every changing schedule. It Includes 14 rows for displaying activities and title card features English with Spanish translation. It also features heavy-duty grommets, clear plastic pockets and durable nylon fabric. Measuring in at a sizable 34″L x 13″W, means it is easy to see for everyone!

Evolution Power Plus Charger

6. Send a Note Greeting Cards Craft Kit
Need an inexpensive way to express your appreciation? Taking the time to create your own greeting card is a great way to say thank you! Our Send a Note Greeting Cards Craft Kit comes with 30 pre-printed 5” x 7” cards, with 10 different styles. Inside is blank and comes with markers and envelopes. Want to create completely personalized greeting cards? Check out our Greeting Card Decorating Easy Pack, which comes with materials to make 100 beautiful and unique cards.

Send a Note Greeting Cards Craft Kit

7. 24” Hand Pointers
We love these whimsical pointers! You can use them with whiteboards, pocket charts, overheads, etc. They are also great to let students use and creates positive behavioral support that will make students eager to participate.

24'' Hand Pointers

8. Stability Ball Chair
Teachers may not always get the best chair for their classroom, which can lead to poor posture, back pain, leg pain and more. Stability ball chairs are the perfect fix! Your teacher will be able to combine the core strengthening benefits of the stability ball and the convenience of a rolling base while promoting active seating for therapeutic and health benefits.

Stability Ball Chair

9. Skypanels Light Diffusers
Nobody likes fluorescent lighting, it’s harsh on your eyes and creates a sterile environment. Skypanels are the perfect fix, they are designed to reduce the effects of fluorescent lighting and create a more soothing and relaxed environment. Use these panels to create the feeling of looking up and out into the great outdoors!

Skypanels Light Diffusers

10. S&S E-Gift Card
Still have no idea what to get your teacher? Let your teacher pick out exactly what they want – get them a gift card!

S&S E-Gift Card

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