5 DIY Party Crafts for Cinco De Mayo

Having a Cinco De Mayo party? Spice up the celebration with some great DIY party decorations! We have chosen 5 of our favorite Mexican themed crafts that you can make with recycled household items and some common craft materials.

DIY Cardboard Pinata

cinco de mayo diy crafts

This colorful donkey pinata will be the life of the party! Recycle some cardboard boxes for the body and cover with strips of different colored tissue paper. You can fill it with candy for kids parties, or just use it as a decoration for adult parties.

Paper Sombreros & Serapes

See them used in the classroom at GMG Art

cinco de mayo

This is a great art activity for the classroom, and you can also teach students about Mexican culture while they are crafting. Kids can make their own sombreros with paper and decorate them!


For the serapes, all you need is a paper bag and some paint or markers! For instructions on cutting the paper bag, visit Learn Create Love.

Bead Bracelets

cinco de mayo craft ideas

Using our Rainbow Beads and Alphabet Beads you can create these cute bracelets to wear Cinco De Mayo! Just string them onto elastic cord and tie the ends together. The elastic is stretchy so you can take the bracelets on and off super easily. Mix and match for fun and unique designs!

Cactus Banner

See tutorial at Aspen Jay

cinco de mayo crafts

We love this cactus banner made with just tissue paper and cardboard! String them up on the wall to create the perfect Cinco De Mayo party decoration. You can spice up your cacti with a flower using a small ball of tissue paper or a pom pom.

Plastic Maracas

See tutorial at There is Beauty All Around

cinco de mayo crafts

A Cinco De Mayo party would not be complete without maracas! Make your own with Mod Podge, water balloons, decorative paper, and rice to fill the maraca. These come out beautiful, but they do take a few days to make. For a simpler version using plastic spoons, plastic Easter eggs, and duct tape, view the tutorial at Artsy Momma. You can also use our wooden maracas craft kit if you don’t have the time to make your own but still want to decorate them your way!

Tell us your favorite Cinco De Mayo craft!

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