Activities for Scout Groups and Summer Camp

activities for scout groupsSpring is a busy time for scout groups and will lead into summer camp in just a few months. We wanted to make leaders’ jobs easier by sharing some activity ideas to inspire creativity. Here are 7 different activities that can be incorporated into your program. Each project relates to specific badges that scouts need to earn. We recommend an age group of 8 and up.

Looking for specific themes for Summer Camp or recreation groups? Check out our themed activity ideas, including a Jungle and Wildlife theme!

Themed activity ideas

Project 1: Play With Paint

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Related Badges: Painting, Artist, Creative Play, Making Friends.

For inspiration, research famous female artists Bridget Riley and Georgia O’Keeffe. Print color copies of some of their work and put them out on display during this activity!


INSTRUCTIONS: This is a great activity to paint without using brushes! Keep in mind the liquid watercolor paint will stain clothes/skin, so use plastic gloves and aprons. Each person will need several sheets of paper and a pair of gloves. The remaining supplies are shared among the group.

  1. First use the crayons and markers (or a combination of both) to create some basic bold designs on the paper. Make wavy lines, dots, swirls, basic shapes, or even trace your hand…better yet have a friend help you! Teamwork!
  2. Use the paint pipettes to drip the liquid watercolor on to the paper! Experiment and see how the paint diffuses and the colors blend, grow, and change. Try mixing water with the paint to create lighter tones. Notice how the wax crayons create a resist, stopping the paint from absorbing where you drew lines. What happened to the areas you used the permanent markers?
  3. When finished, allow the paper to dry. You can even use your favorite finished painting to glue to the cover of your new Snack Food Recipe Book!

Project 2: Create Your Own Group Game

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Related Badges: Fair Play, Making Games, Inventor, Product Designer, Making Friends.



  1. Inflate the Jumbo Beach Ball.
  2. Work together as a team to brainstorm ideas and create rules for your group game. How are you going to keep score? Make sure to include everyone and have lots of fun!
  3. Use the textile markers to draw icons/symbols or write words on the various sections of the beach ball that represent your game categories or theme. TIP: To make things easy, wipe the balls surface down with glass cleaner before coloring to remove any dirt or oils so the marker will stick.
  4. Let the ball dry. Play your new game and invite others to join in the fun!

Project 3: Make Your Own Wearable Instrument

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Related Badges: Celebrating Community, Healthy Living, Dancer, Performance, My Best Self.


Each person will need 6 bells, 2 shoelaces, and 6 pieces of elastic code, 3-4 inches long.


  1. Thread each bell on to a piece of elastic cord.
  2. Knot 3 bells on to each shoelace, making sure the loop is loose enough to slide along the lace allowing you to adjust the spacing between bells once it is tied on to your ankle.
  3. Wrap the long shoelace around your ankle a few times, making sure you have just enough string left to tie a bow!
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 on the other ankle. Now you’re ready to rock!

IDEA: Get the group geared up and ready to bust a move! Turn the music up, feel the beat, explore movement and have a super fun dance party! What’s your favorite dance move?! Can you learn a new dance move from a friend?

What’s your favorite song to dance to? Create a group dance routine!

Project 4: DIY Snack Food Recipe Book

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Related Badges: Cook, Snacks, Simple Meals, Practical Life Skills.



  1. Each person should have one blank book. The crayons and markers will be shared among the group.
  2. Decorate the covers of your snack food recipe book using crayons, markers, paint or any other supplies on hand.

IDEA: You can even try stamping your book cover using food and leftover paint! Create a fun flower shape stamp using fresh Okra. Slice a large potato in half and carve your name or troop number into the flat side with a pencil to make a personalized food stamp! What else could you use to make a fun food stamp? A lemon half? An apple? Corn on the cob? Celery? Another great activity to try painting without brushes!


Pick a day to celebrate friendship and make a special friendship snack mix! In order to do this you will need everyone to help! Have all of your friends bring a zip-top bag with 2 cups of their favorite snack food to share! Below is a list of possible ingredients:

  • Pretzels
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Almonds
  • Peanuts
  • Breakfast Cereals
  • Dried Cranberries
  •  Mini Marshmallows
  • Caramel Chips Raisins
  • Apricots
  •  Coconut
  •  Dates
  •  Pecans
  •  Cashews
  •  Walnuts

Mix up everyone’s contributions into a large bowl to create a fabulous friendship snack mix! When everyone adds their ingredient, the mix gets better and better… just like friendships! After creating the friendship snack mix, everyone can share a cup full of the delightful treat! Special thanks to Troop Leader Melissa C. from Colchester, CT for the awesome recipe!

Write the ingredients that your troop used to create their friendship snack mix and have everyone add the recipe to their book!

Project 5: DIY First Aid Kit

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Related Badges: First Aid, Give Back, Healthy Living, My Best Self.



Always be prepared to help by having a first aid kit handy to treat minor injuries when someone is in need!

  1. First research what should go into a first aid kit, then make your own.
  2. Use the permanent markers to decorate your first aid travel case. TIP: Wipe the bag’s surface down with glass cleaner before coloring to remove any dirt or oils so the marker will stick.

IDEA: Include basic first aid supplies and an information card inside your kit as a reminder of what to do and who to call in an emergency. Use paper, markers, and scissors to make cards with tips to treat Indoor injuries and one for outdoor injuries.

Project 6: Learn All About Bugs & Nature

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Related Badges: Naturalist, Investigation, Outdoors.



Learn all about bugs and how they help us in lots of awesome ways! Research bugs and insects of your local area and then see if you can catch some on a bug hunt.

  1. Go on a bug hunt! Use your handy dandy bug catchers to start a critter collection!
  2. Create a scratch butterfly or bug ornament. See individual kit instructions for further direction.

Project 7: Color-Me™ Flag

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Related Badges: My Best Self, Celebrating Community, Performance, Making Friends.



This would be a great activity to make a flag to represent your group for a local community event or parade! Use the permanent markers to lay out your flag design. If you want to copy a logo or crest, you can always simply print your design on standard copy paper and place it under the flag and trace the outline on the front of the flag with pencil. You can even try this easy tracing technique on a glass door or window for additional light. To color in large areas you can use acrylic paint or any other supplies available.

Let us know what your favorite activities are for your scout groups or summer camp!

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