Ultimate Workout & Recovery System for Adapted PE

ultimate workout and recovery system

The Ultimate Workout and Recovery System is an amazing tool to add to any program. It is a piece of equipment that absolutely everyone can use for strengthening, flexibility or rehab. It can be utilized by adults and kids in schools, physical education, gym settings, and senior facility as an excellent workout system for everyone.

The system can be used standing up, in a chair or lying down. It is a steel-forged aluminum device with 3 main parts arching over the person/bed/chair with bands and a hand-cycle attached to the frame. There are latex and non-latex attachments making it lightweight and easy to move when needed.

ultimate workout system

This system includes:

  • Steel-forged aluminum frame and support device
  • 2 thresholds to secure system on bed, recliner, or wheelchair
  • 8 resistance cords with different resistance Levels (10-50 lbs)
  • 8 handles/triple cord grips
  • Hand or foot cardio pedaler
  • 3 rejuvenating stress balls
  • Fun-to-use massage roller & DVD
  • Pair of attractive workout gloves
  • 6-8 lock pins & 4 wing nuts, screws, and washers

View more details about the Ultimate Workout and Recovery System here.

What Programs Benefit From This System?

The Ultimate Workout and Recovery system has been used in elementary and adapted physical education settings with students in the general education physical education classes along with students with Cognitive Impairments and health and physical impairments in adapted physical education classes successfully. It was used as a warm up for sports lessons, as a station during class, as a pull out exercise and as part of the rotation in the weight room. In the weight room there are many machines that students with wheelchairs and walkers cannot use. The Ultimate Workout and Recovery System allowed everyone in the room to participate fully in each lesson. This system allowed those who couldn’t use some of the other machines a change to work the same muscles in the same way. Some students just reaching up for the bands and stretching was a big success story. The Ultimate Workout and Recovery system is so versatile with the exercises it motivates everyone.


  • Mobile and lightweight
  • Removable attachments
  • Perfect for all those with limited mobility (including those restricted to bed or in a wheel chair)
  • Adaptive and inclusive
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Users can get a cardio workout, do resistance training, and range of motion exercises
  • All workouts can be done while seated or in bed with no supervision required

ultimate workout recovery system


“My students liked that they could start at one weight and work up to a harder one. They enjoyed all the different exercises they could accomplish. I even had 2 students work on the system at once! One used the upper bands and the other sat behind them and used the lower bands.”

“My high school adapted physical education class is really enjoying our new “machine” in the weight room. We are using it twice a week in the rotation. This is by far the favorite. The students like the variety of things they can do, that some are easy and there is a way to make the exercises harder. This week I put one chair on each side and two students used it at once.” – Colleen Cook, A.P.E., Dearborn High School, Dearborn, Michigan

“As a former professional soccer player, I know all too well how challenging it can be to recover from an ankle or knee injury. So, I applaud Ultimate Workout and Recovery for inventing a gym that allows bed or chair-bound individuals, whether their condition is temporary or permanent, to get a full workout.” – Mychel Jones, former professional soccer player

“Ultimate Workout and Recovery is a great tool for living long and living well! As we get older, we need a product that works effectively without injury! I highly recommend this for anyone wanting more!” – Jari Love, a certified personal trainer and the creator of Get RIPPED!® exercise system.

Find out even more about this adaptive system on their website at www.workoutandrecovery.com

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