How To Use Floor Curling In Your Program

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Bring an accessible and engaging sport to your program called Floor Curling! You may have seen curling on television or online, and you may have even tried curling or something similar once or twice at a sporting event or park area. It’s one of the fastest-growing sports, engaging audiences around the world.

While curling is traditionally played on ice, there is another way to experience all the fun of the sport on any smooth and flat surface – with this new Floor Curling Starter Pack, now on sale at 35% off for a limited time!

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About FloorCurl

FloorCurl is artificial curling equipment that allows you to play floor curling anywhere. Target mats provide you with a curling “sheet” to play on with FloorCurl stones that roll on bearings. Specially designed pusher sticks ensure that participants of all abilities can join in the fun, without having to bend to floor level to deliver their stones. FloorCurl is a durable product that can be stored easily in convenient carry cases and can be set up put away in minutes.

The pack includes:

  • 8 FloorCurl rocks
  • Carrying cases
  • 2 target mats (houses)
  • Set of 2 pusher sticks

The FloorCurl rocks measure 7-3/4” in diameter, have comfortable and easy grip built-in handle, and 3 heavy-duty ball bearings on the bottom that provide a smooth and consistent rolling action. Each curling rock weighs approx. 2-1/2 lbs. The target mats are approx. 48” x 48” and are made from a heavy-duty vinyl.

The included floor curl sticks are not necessary for gameplay, but will enable those participants that cannot bend to floor level to play. This is a great way to allow more seniors and wheelchair participants to play. The ends of the sticks slide over the handles on the rocks for consistent pushing and control.

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Using Floor Curling In Your Program

Participants of all ages and abilities can enjoy floor curling. This activity is a favorite of students, perfect for children in kindergarten all the way up to high school. More than 1.5 million students have used floor curling in their schools and enjoy it in gym class as well as part of specialty days, intramurals, after school programs, and more.

For adults, floor curling provides an opportunity for friendly competition at community centers and special events. To engage your audience with new programming, consider providing a unique theme like a celebration of the big games, or a winter wonderland.

The Floor Curling Pack also allows participants of all abilities to compete together. Wheelchair participants and participants with limited mobility can complete alongside their able-bodied peers. Pusher sticks are a delivery aid that allows anyone who cannot bend to floor level to safely and easily participate.

Senior centers also love this activity as an engaging activity for leagues and ongoing programming. Storage space requirements are minimal and the playing area can be modified to fit whatever space is available at your center. The activity is perfect for senior centers as it promotes flexibility, increased range of motion, and circulation.

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How to Play

The rules of floor curling are simple, and no curling knowledge or experience is required.

View the FloorCurl Quick Guide here for step by step instructions on how to play, or use the printed instructions that come with our Floor Curling sets.

Floor curling can be played indoors or outdoors on any smooth dry surface. NOTE: Do not use in wet or sandy conditions. For outdoor use, a surface like a tennis court or a shuffleboard court should work well.

Be sure to share your floor curling photos and videos on social media to join the community of professionals using floor curling in their program! Use the hashtag #CurlAnywhere 


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  1. Can you purchase just official floor curling mats . If so can they be put on cement and epoxied over. We have a new seniors room where we want to have floor curling. We have all the other equipment. Please email me prices if available to [email protected]

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