Take PE Home Activity Tubs for Grades K-5

An idea I developed to encourage family fitness was to provide an opportunity for students to take PE equipment home and create activities to play with their families. I purchased five large plastic tubs, one for each grade level, K-4. I selected equipment where I had at least 5 items that I would not miss for class or did not use as often.

These Take PE Home Tubs can be segmented by grade levels K-1, 2-3, and 4-5. Anyone could incorporate into their PE class and I hope this inspires other PE teachers to create their own.

family fitness take home PEItems in “Take PE Home” Tub:

I use an app to randomly select a student from each grade level who takes the tub home on Friday and returns in on following Thursday. If at the time their name is chosen they have positive ClassDojo points, I contact their parents prior to telling the student to be sure it would be a good week for the “Take PE Home” tub.

I also included a spiral notebook for the students to journal about their experience with the equipment. I have enjoyed reading the students’ entries and viewing the pictures they drew telling about their family fun using the Take PE Home tubs. The tubs have been a big hit and have created a positive buzz around our campus. One of my students even nicknamed the tub the “Bucket of Fun”.

take home PE

The feedback from students and parents has been positive. As PE teachers, we not only strive to keep our students active in class, but to help students develop the desire for an active lifestyle at home. I will continue looking for new ways to encourage family fitness and believe that the Family Fitness Fun Nights and Take PE Home tubs are just a start in encouraging students and families to put down the remotes and game controllers and get up, get out, and get active.

family fitness fun

family take home pe family fitness PE


family fitnessAbout the Author:

Jason Leach is a Hardin-Simmons Graduate. This is his 24th year of teaching physical education. He is currently teaching at Independence Elementary in Keller ISD. Jason loves to learn new creative ways to present engaging lessons to his students. He gets many of these ideas from other PE teachers on Twitter, PE Voxer chats groups, and YouTube channels. Twitter: @jkleach01

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13 thoughts on “Take PE Home Activity Tubs for Grades K-5

  1. I do not change the equipment based on the weather. Weather in North Texas varies so much. I have not had any complaints from students or parents about not being able to play with some of the equipment due to the weather. But, for some states, it might be a good idea to change the equipment up a little based on the weather. What is good about tubs or bags, you can do what is best for your school.

  2. Hi! As the weather gets colder, do you change any equipment for more indoor use? Many of my students have said in the last two weeks that with the weather getting colder, they aren’t going outside and playing with the kickball or soccer ball. Do you have any suggestions for indoor things? I already have speed stacking cups. Thanks!

  3. Did you do the tubs every single week? I can’t imagine pulling that off throughout the whole year! Also, did you do one tub per class or grade?

    • I currently have 1 tub per grade level and hope to have at least 1 more per grade level added soon. I do try to get them out every week.

        • That is the current downside to having only 1 tub per grade level. Students are chosen by random using ClassDojo. You can email me at [email protected] and I can send you a link to a google drive folder with additional information.

    • In the 3 years I have done this. I have had only 32 items go missing and were replaced by the families. I know that is a major concern by all those who are considering doing this. You know your students and what is best to put in a tub or bag you send home. But you would be surprised by the way students take care of school equipment entrusted to them. Great way for students to show responsibility.
      Have not had a problem with tubs returned on time.

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    • Hi Nik, I know Jason already reached out to you regarding the tubs, just wanted to respond in case others have the same question. Jason chose equipment that he had enough extra of that he could use it each week for the Take PE Home Tubs and still have plenty to use for his class. The only startup cost was the tub to put the equipment in. However, if you don’t have extra of each of the items and are on a budget, we did work with Jason to create these Take PE Home Tubs as easy packs on our website for grades K-5, and you save money since it is a bulk pack of items (http://www.ssww.com/search/index.php?q=Take+Home+Activity+Tubs). Let us know if you have any other questions about the tubs. Thanks!

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