Religious Craft Ideas for Activity Directors

With Holy Week (March 20-26) and Purim (March 23-24) fast approaching, activity directors may be looking for some ideas to use at their nursing facility. Here are a few ideas from for incorporating religious themed activities into your calendar.

  • religious activity directorsEncourage your Craft Club to use tissue paper and glue to make beautiful stained glass crafts. Use the finished pieces as works of art by taping them on a wall in your Activity Room. They can also use premade stained glass window clings for a simpler project.
  • Invite your Beading Club to string beads into the shape of crosses. Consider making the beaded necklaces as Easter gifts to those who attend Easter Sunday services in your facility.

  • Recruit your facility’s Men Club to use tiles and glue to create colorful mosaic crosses that can be hung on the doors of your religious residents.
  • For your Jewish residents who celebrate the Purim festival, assist them with making mezuzahs to attach to their doorposts. Also,as an intergenerational craft, invite your residents to decorate Purim masks with their grandkids.
  • Finally, schedule a activity director ideas religiousmess-free craft to do in the rooms of your bedridden residents like religious flags. Attach self-adhesive letters and crosses to the flags before hanging them in your residents’ rooms for the holiday.

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