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log it program PE Central

The free online program from PE Central called Log It helps motivate students of all ages to become and remain physically active, by allowing them to log their daily physical activity steps or miles. Students can participate in a virtual hike across the United States with their class, be involved in class competitions, set daily goals, view their own personal step log, and compare their steps with other kids of the same age and gender.

Teachers love the program because they can view their students’ progress as a class and they can challenge other schools and classes to a competition to see who can get across the United States the quickest. The program has not only been used by teachers, but also Boys and Girls Clubs, before and after school managers, homeschoolers, hospitals, clinics, doctors, employee wellness managers, and individuals who manage 5K runs.

Below is a list of other benefits of the Log It program. Teachers can:

  • View their student’s progress
  • Add steps for their students up to 21 days back
  • Register their students and Manage their Classes
  • Issue a challenge to other classes and schools
  • Print certificates for their students with updated student data on the certificate

log it program for PE

Success Stories:

A parent shared that LOG IT became a “religious experience” for her 14-year-old son who had a heart condition. Although unable to participate in many physical education activities, he was able to log steps through the site. If he didn’t achieve 11,000 steps a day, he walked laps in his living room in order to “see more red” on the map. According to his mother, LOG IT gave him a chance to feel “normal.”

One clinic in Florida used the site in school-based wellness intervention programs and to record the steps of kids who were engaged in pedometer use. It inspired competition among parents and children. An elementary teacher single-handedly completed the walk around the country and persuaded fellow staff members to wear pedometers and hold a group competition. A physical education teacher stated that, although he likes to teach with different approaches each year, LOG IT returned by popular demand. Teachers and students required it. Even bus drivers joined in the project.

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“LOG IT is a great program for elementary kids. They really enjoy watching their progress. We had approximately 50 students, parents, and teachers who purchased pedometers so they could be even more active with this program. It really promoted exercise outside the school day.” Amy Morrison, Teacher, Holden Elementary School

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