Month of the Holy Rosary Activity

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October is the Month of the Holy Rosary. Rosary Bead crafts are great inspirational activities for Sunday School, Bible School, or any other religious event for kids.

You can use beads separately or a kit that comes with materials you need. Our Ivory & Blue Rosary Bead Kit comes with materials for 6 Rosaries. Teach students the meaning of the Rosary to go along with your daily lesson. The kits come with picture instructions, and here are written instructions you can follow too.


  1. Cut a 36″ piece of the tan string provided in the kit.
  2. Thread the string though the opening in the pink cross
  3. Tie a knot to keep the cross into place. The knot is shown in the picture that comes with the kit.
  4. Now you will thread BOTH ends of the string into the first 5 beads. To follow the one shown in the photo, use a blue bead first, followed by 3 ivory beads, then another blue bead.
  5. Now tie another knot to keep the 5 beads in place.
  6. For the next step you can choose to just continue to thread beads on each string, using this pattern twice on both sides: 10 ivory, 1 blue. Or, you can tie 2 knots on both sides to leave a space with no beads, and then continue to thread the beads. It’s up to you how you want your Rosary to look.
  7. After that last blue bead, thread 5 more ivory beads on each side.
  8. Tie the ends of the string together, and cut the excess.

holy rosary activity

Now that you’ve created your Rosary craft, let us know what lesson plan you used it with!

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2 thoughts on “Month of the Holy Rosary Activity

  1. I purchased your wooden crosses last year for my Summer Bible Camp and you asked me to get back to you on how it all went.
    I purchased beads ….all kinds from seed beads to 8mm. beads and made packages of them to fill the cross. The kids then selected the beads they liked best. Some of the kids traded some beads with each other to get exactly what they wanted. We used Aleene’s tacky glue…spread it over the surface of the cross a little at a time and the kids carefully placed their beads on. We also found that colouring the rim of the cross in black (magic marker) really gave it a super effect. The glue, when dry, was perfect….no problem with anything falling out! Also the glue dries clear! All in all, although a little pricey….it was a great craft! Kids loved it and Moms report they hung them on the bedroom wall!
    Our week was called “Journey with Jesus” and we went thru the life of Jesus ….well, we covered what we could in the span of a week using animated DVD’s from Nest Entertainment which the kids loved….ages 5 to adult! So the crosses were a perfect craft. Now I would love a wooden fish shape that we could cover with large sequins! Do you have any of those?

    • Hi Diane, thanks so much for getting back to us on how the project came out using beads instead of the paper. It sounds like the kids had a great time. Would you like to share some photos of the crosses that were made? If so you can send them to [email protected]. We can add them to our blog post to show an alternative to the paper! Also, as of right now we don’t sell a fish shaped craft separately, though I will suggest it! We do have this wood ornaments pack which includes fish, I know it is a bit pricey but it comes with 144 ornaments! They can be colored with markers, paints, pencils or crayons. Here is the link:

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