Activity Ideas for VBS Themes – Superhero, Arctic, Galaxy, and Maker Fun

Celebrate God with these popular VBS Themes! These are great for offering meaningful enrichment. Children can discover their faith with these inspirational and engaging themes. Learning has never been more fun with so many creative ways to play, craft, and decorate.

Castles & Fortresses

VBS Themes: Over the Moat & Mighty Fortress 

These VBS themes both allow kids to use their imagination and visualize a medieval time. There are many lessons that can be taught using symbols like castles, fortresses, shields, and more. Teach children that even if they do not succeed, God is there to defend them and raise them up. He represents strength and love.

Here are some of our favorite VBS Castle Crafts and medieval decorations.



VBS Themes: Super God & Hero Central

Become the Superhero of your VBS program when you help children discover Gods strengths and realize the superhero within themselves. By learning to use their inner strengths and God’s love, they will discover how to be great and do amazing things.

Let these VBS crafts and decorations help make your program super!

View the Snazaroo Beginners Guide for step to step guide for hundreds of face painting design ideas!


VBS Theme: Artic Exploration

Operation Arctic promises to be a flurry of fun and excitement as children explore the Bible. Filled with beauty and wonder, the Artic offers some of the most thrilling places to explore. Don’t forget to pack your Bible and some of these other cool VBS crafts and decorations that will make this year one to remember forever.

arctic exploration vbs themes


VBS Theme: Galactic Starveyors

The Galactic Starveyors theme makes it easy to share with your kids the marvels that God has created. God is the creator of all things, and loves and wants to create a relationship with them. Just as God has created, so can your group with unique VBS activities that fit this theme. Showing your kids how God loves them to the moon and stars has never been easier.

galactic starveyors vbs themes

You can also have your group create their own DIY Galaxy Shirts! View the tutorial here.

galaxy shirt vbs themes


VBS Theme: Maker Fun Factory

Kids can become hands-on inventors with the Maker Fun Factory VBS theme. Spark creativity with interactive decoration and experiences, and watch as children discover they are crafted by God with love. This VBS theme offers a unique way to combine making and building inventions with making and building your love and relationship with God.

maker VBS theme

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