Mix & Match Makerspace Activity – Students Create Their Own Game

As part of our Disguised Learning™ model at Right At School, we try to infuse all components of our program with collaborative, problem-solving challenges that test students’ creativity and teamwork. Mix & Match is one such activity from our Game Genie unit that exercises the students’ bodies as well as their minds. Students love this activity, because it gives them the opportunity to work with friends and to teach a game they created to others. This activity works best for 2nd-5th grade students, but can be adapted to include any age group.

This activity combines physical activity, STEAM, and Makerspace!

mix and match makerspace activity

Equipment Needed:


Place sports equipment in the middle of a large, open space. Set craft items in another area. Put students into teams of 3-4.


Ask students their favorite games and what they have in common. This is an opportunity to highlight the need for rules, scoring system, safety considerations, etc. Inform students that they will be creating their own games. Their game must use at least 3 items from different sports and one they create themselves, using craft items. Give teams 5 minutes or so to brainstorm ideas and decide which items would work best for this challenge. Have students choose athletic equipment in whatever way works best for their group.

Remind students they must determine the rules of the game, how a winner is determined, number of players, and any other details needed for the game to work. Remind them they must also create an item that is used in their game. Encourage students to test and revise their game, as needed.

When finished, have each group present their game to the rest of the group. Allow students to play each game after rules are explained. Discuss outcomes and potential improvements that could be made to each game.

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