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This week for the #FeaturedPETeacher section on the PE Central Facebook page, the spotlight is on Robert Arciolla.

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About Robert:

I am currently teaching Physical Education at Elmira High School in Elmira, NY and work with grades 10-12. I have an average of 20 students per class on my attendance case load but tend to have 28-30 in my elective choices. My attendance total is 237 and my elective total is ~350. I pride myself on knowing each and every name and a little about each student. I have been in this district since 2003, so I have been teaching for 15 years.

I began working with elementary children in 1985 at the age of 14 in the Town of Maine Recreation Program as a Tennis instructor. I had jobs in Rec programs and in Child Care as Athletic Director and Program Director working with Elementary level students. My time at Elmira has been equally split with Elementary and Secondary students and both levels have been rewarding in different ways.

Current Lesson Plan/Unit:

Currently I am in day 2 of the Tennis Unit within the Racquet Sports Module. Students are instructed on Ready Activity, Split Step and Backhand implementation. If I have students in the class from tennis team, I will utilize them as either a guest speaker or walk around instructor. Students will review forehand strokes and focus on hitting zones and contact points. Students will be instructed in proper grip and striking of the backhand stroke.

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PE Focus for 2018:

My focus is on building relationships via Restorative Practices. Rapport is the number one way to get buy in from our students. In a community that has 2 prisons trust is huge and adults that don’t appear to care will not get results. The students need to know how much we really do care.

Favorite Lesson Plan/Unit:

My favorite lesson is Zumba. I get to have so much fun as the instructor with the kids and can show them that fitness can be fun.

What is your favorite part about being a PE teacher?

I love getting to know students and getting to be both a support and an influence. I may not change the life of everyone like I desire but the ones I do are signs of success.

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Is there a program, event, or anything else you’d like to highlight related to your PE program?

I have created a variety of programs including LEAD to Read: Literacy and ExerciseActivityDesign, a Reading Program for Bodily-Kinesthetic Learners and my Safe Playground Initiative. My current focus is on a book I am writing titled Atoms for PE: A Glimpse into the PD of Tomorrow.

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