A Mission Trip to Haiti

One thing that is very important to S&S, is helping those who are in need. Having the opportunity to share the power of what our products support in child development is part of what makes us come to work every day. Recently, our friend, J.D. Hughes, went on a mission trip to Haiti. We were able to talk to him about his experience and we could not wait to share with you his impact on some of the children there.

kids mission trip to haiti

“My trip to Haiti was truly an eye-opening experience. I learned we take so much for granted in the way we live in America and the things we have and have access to. The people of Haiti are very resourceful and hard-working. Although Haitian children live a tough life, especially after the devastating earthquake they experienced a few years ago, these precious children still love to interact and play just like every kid. S&S has been a wonderful part of helping missions teams put smiles back on the faces of Haitian children by donating recreational equipment to be used to help break down the barriers these children may have to seeing (blancs) white people for the first time. You can’t beat breaking the ice with kids by giving them juggling scarves, soccer balls, long jump ropes, and playing parachute activities. S&S has always been open to assisting me with any need I may have to help our Haitian brethren. Thank you for helping me put smiles on these precious people.”

Haiti School

Playing with Children in Haiti Parachute Fun! Haitian Girl SoccerThank you, J.D. for sharing this with us and for everything you continue to do for those in need!


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