Monthly Book Activity: Froggy Goes to Camp

Froggy Goes To Camp

Froggy Goes to Camp – By Jonathan London

Story Summary

Froggy is off to summer camp! Even though Froggy is very excited to go to camp, he has to overcome some fears about going away to camp. Young campers are sure to relate to Froggy, especially if they are worried about going to camp for the first time! Children will also have a fun time listening to the silly things that happen to Froggy at camp, such as accidentally dumping eggs on his camp leader’s head! For this month’s book activity, we’ve included 4 fun activities to do with your children when you read Froggy Goes to Camp! Check them out!

Recommended Ages

  • Grades 1-3


Activity 1 – Comprehension & Venn Diagrams

  • After reading Froggy Goes to Camp, ask the children to share what activities Froggy did while at camp and what Froggy forgot to bring with him to camp.
  • Introduce the Venn Diagram Mat and let the children know they are going to compare Froggy’s time at camp with a time they went to camp.
  • Children can work individually or in small groups to fill the Venn Diagram.
  • Once the children have completed their Venn Diagrams, invite them to share their responses and compare the differences and similarities.

Activity 2 – Creating and Sending a Postcard from Camp

  • Let children know they are going to write a postcard to a friend or family member about something they did at summer camp.
  • They can use the Venn Diagram to get ideas of what to write.
  • Have the children color the front of their Velvet Art Summer Camp Postcard and then include their personalized letters on the back! Cards come with space for message, address and stamp on the back.
  • Invite children to bring the address of a friend of family member and a stamp to mail the postcard.

Velvet Art Postcards


Activity 3 – Bringing Froggy Goes to Camp into the Classroom

  • Create a camp site in the classroom to encourage dramatic play or to use for reading the story.
  • Have children work together to “learn to kayak”. Teach them how to row and even about life vest safety.
  • Create your own classroom camp banner.  Children can design the banner themselves with activities that Froggy did while at Camp.

Activity 4 – Get Active with Frog Feet

Froggy goes to camp activity

Low Cost Materials to Support Froggy Goes to Camp:

Guest Blogger: Melinda Brown, Reading Recovery Teacher at East Lyme Public Schools

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