How to Make a Sea Turtle – Makerspace & STEAM Activity

sea turtle makerspace

The newest trend in Makerspace is an item called Plus-Plus®! The simple plus sign shape can be used to create flat 2D mosaics, or 3D designs and structures that curve and bend. We’ve made so many fun shapes with these mini pieces. Below you can find a tutorial for making a sea turtle.

Makerspace Sea Turtle Tutorial

The Plus Plus Mini piece tub comes with 3,600 pieces, and a mix of basic, neon, and pastel colors. There are a total of 21 colors, and they come in a closable storage tub to make it easy for on the go.


First, you’ll want to gather the total number of pieces you will need for this activity. Then follow the video below, and use the steps as another visual guide.

  • Green: 26
  • Brown: 19
  • Black: 1

Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Use 21 green to make the shape below. This is the body and the foundation of your 3D turtle.


Step 2: Add 3 brown for the start of the shell.

makerspace sea turtle

Step 3: Add 4 more brown.

sea turtle makerspace

Step 4: Add 12 brown for the top of the shell.

makerspace sea turtle

Step 5: Now you will create the head of the sea turtle. First, add 1 black and 3 green (this is where we substituted the 1 black for the brown – it’s for the eyes). Then add 1 more green, and again add 1 more green to the top.

maker space

Step 6: Attach the head to the body. Note: The head is not going to be level to the body and won’t sit flat on the table. It is slightly raised up.

plus plus sea turtle makerspace

We hope you enjoyed the turtle tutorial. I think we just coined a new term – turtorial!

If you want to get even more creative, you can make a wave for your turtle! Just use blue and white Plus Plus pieces. We made 7 rows with blue and one row of white to represent sea foam.

makerspace turtle

More Fun with Makerspace

There are many other shapes you can make with Plus Plus, including animals, trees, people, and scenery. You can follow the suggested designs on the pamphlet included, or use your imagination! For beginners, you can use the mini maker tubes to create specific designs, like a Superhero, Robot, and Unicorn! These come with step by step visual instructions on how to make the design, and all the colors you will need.

Plus-Plus® Mini Maker Tubes:

Makerspace mini maker tubes

makerspace unicorn

Check out the Plus Plus USA Twitter account for some amazing maker ideas and designs!

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