Fun With Emojis in the Classroom or Afterschool

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Who doesn’t love emojis? We love to use them in texts or messages, but they can even be used in the classroom and afterschool. Use them for bulletin boards, charts, posters, crafts, prizes, and more. Students can use emojis to learn how to express themselves and learn what expression represent each emotion. No matter what your teaching style, you can add an emoji theme to your lesson plan or activity! You can even use some of these ideas below for a themed emoji party.

Emojis for Classroom Management

Calendar Set

This calendar set bulletin board is great for grades K-3 and can be used during circle time or calendar time. It comes with a calendar chart, 12-month headlines, 31 pre-numbered calendar days, and 2 blank calendar days. It also includes a days-of-the-week chart, a seasons and weather chart, and coordinating labels. The emoji faces make it relatable for kids, and can even be used for nonreaders and non-English speaking students. You can also use the calendar days for number activities such as counting and place value.

Behavior Chart

A great behavior management tool for your classroom! Use the chart to track students’ behavior and help them develop personal accountability for their choices. It includes a different color to indicate each level of behavior management: Outstanding (purple), Excellent Choices (blue), Great Effort (turquoise), Ready to Learn (green), Think About It (yellow), Make Better Choices (orange), and Parent Contact (red). The set is also flexible in that you can limit the number of choices you display, or use the included blank pieces to add behavior categories. Can be used from grades K-6!

Emoiji Crowns

emoji birthday crown

Celebrate birthdays in your classroom…emoji style! These festive crowns features a smiling emoji face, so students will love them. Each pack comes with 30 crowns, plus they are adjustable!

Bulletin Board Set

Welcome your students to your classroom for the first day of school with an emoji themed bulletin board! Create an “Emoji Nation” in your classroom and your students are the Emoji citizens. Each student will be represented by an emoji face. The set comes with 36 of them, plus hand accents, a flag, sign, and more. You can also use the pieces for other activities, like sight word memory games and word family matching.


A classroom isn’t complete without some motivational posters! This set of 6 posters convey messages that all students will understand. The sayings represent important categories and topics such as kindness, friendship, leadership, positivity, and personal image. Great for Youth Character Development lessons.

Emoji Pencils

emoji pencils

Provide students with emoji pencils on the first day of school, or hand them out as prizes or awards for finishing tasks or good behavior. The pack comes with 12 pencils in 4 vibrant colors. They can keep the pencils in our emoji pencil cases!

Emoji Craft Ideas


If you have craft time in your classroom or during afterschool time, plan an emoji theme day. Have each student color their favorite emojis on our blank white Color-Me™ Backpacks, which come in a 48 pack so they are perfect for group projects. Kids can use paint or fabric markers to draw their design like the one above, and even add sequins or glitter if they’d like. The drawstring bags can then be used to carry lightweight items for class!


Plan a simple jewelry making craft using these emoji style beads! They are bright yellow plastic and come in a pack of about 144 beads. Expressions include happy, sad, silly, cool, winking, love, and more. Have students choose the emotion they are feeling that day adn create a bracelet or necklace. Then each students can share their emotion and why they chose it.

Emoji Activities and Accessories


emoji balls

Play a game in your classroom or afterschool with these emoji balls! These make great brain break activities.

Activity 1:

Have students stand in a circle. Choose an emoji ball to start with (ex. happy). Toss it to one student. They will share something that would make them happy and why. Then that student will toss it to another student and then they also share. After a few students share, take that ball out and toss in another. Do this for each emotion to help kids understand the meaning of each one.

Activity 2:

Place the balls on the floor in your classroom. Have students express how they are currently feeling by each standing next to the emoji ball that best describes their mood. Then start a discussion on what types of behavior in the classroom can cause each emotion.

Bubble Necklace

On a nice day, have students go outside for a few minutes and blow bubbles with these emoji bubble necklaces. You can also give these out as prizes or rewards. Comes in a pack of 12.


Puzzles are a great educational learning tool and make a fun afterschool activity for grades K-6. They help students with fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and problem solving. If kids work on them in groups it can encourage teamwork and social skills. Emoji puzzles can also help start a discussion on various types of feelings and emotions.


Celebrate accomplishments, birthdays, holidays, and more with popular emoji balloons! The pack comes with ten 18” round Mylar balloons, 2 each of 5 different designs: Winking, Kiss, Sunglasses, Laugh, and Love.

Playing Cards

emoji cards

Add some excitement to regular card games with these emoji cards! Teach kids some fun games afterschool, and even encourage them to come up with their own game related to the emoji theme.

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