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This week for the #FeaturedPETeacher section on the PE Central Facebook page, the spotlight is on Tracy Roessner!

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About Tracy:

I teach K-8th grade PE at St Helen School in Chicago. I also serve as the school’s Athletic Director, Assistant Cross Country Coach, the First Tee Golf Coach and the 5th Grade Girls Basketball Coach.

There are so many ways to move and stay active. It’s our job as physical educators to try to share all of these methods of movements with our students in hopes that something will stick with them so they can embrace it, own it and strive to maintain an active lifestyle throughout their lifetime. Running and fitness remain at the core of what we do daily. The beauty of this happens to be there is no equipment necessary so one can always run, hold planks or do some squats.

featured pe teacher

Current PE Lesson Plan/Unit

In my classes we always run and workout. Then, the younger classes are reviewing the skills of the Fall in station work and playing holiday themed games. My 7th graders are currently creating & teaching their very own unique PE games. My 8th graders are practicing for their big volleyball game against the teachers.

Favorite PE Lesson Plan/Unit

Running to school with the students, hosting the Chicago Bears and Chicago Sky for a workout, open house workouts with the students and their parents, jump rope unit, teambuilding, summer & winter Olympics unit (last winter we added the art component and designed our own grocery bag ice skates) and the PE talent show at the end of specific units (gymnastics, jump rope & hula hooping) are some of my personal favorites.

featured pe teacher tracy roessner

Is there a program, event, or anything else you’d like to highlight related to your PE program?

Several years ago I started a run to school movement to celebrate various days on the school calendar. We have four meeting locations and I pick up students along the way. On Halloween, I had the biggest crowd yet. We dressed up in full costumes and spread major amounts of joy throughout the neighborhood. The students could sleep in, eat donuts and get a ride to school but instead they make a conscious decision to wake up early to run with me. That is inspiring!

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What is your favorite part about being a PE Teacher?

I love watching the light bulb go on when students begin to understand concepts. I love watching my 8th graders shake hands after every game and demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship on a daily basis after years of working with them on it. I love watching kindergarten students put their own spin on stations. They are so creative! I love having the students perform in PE talent shows and share their clever ideas with the class. I love watching my students learn, grow, achieve personal gains, work hard and do the right things. I love how excited they are to move and make healthy choices!

There is SO much to love about quality PE. I am grateful for all of my mentor’s along the way, the support of my community and all of the PE teachers that continue to share ideas and hold our profession up to a very high standard.

featured pe teacher tracy roessner

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