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Michael Beringer PE teacherAbout Michael Beringer:

I’m a Physical Education Specialist at Fairview School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I teach K4 through 8th grade Physical Education and Adaptive Physical Education for 640 students. I have been teaching for 21 years in two school districts. I have been at my current school for the past 19 years.

Besides my teaching duties, I am also a Ropes Course Facilitator, Adaptive Athletics Coach, and a JRFH & Hoops for Heart Coordinator. In 2013, I was awarded the WHPE Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year Award and in 2015 I was awarded the WHPE JRFH/Hoops for Heart Educator of the Year Award. I’ve been very blessed to able to teach kids how to be lifelong movers. My motto is Movement Matters!! Teaching kids how to live a healthy lifestyle and why a healthy lifestyle is important in their daily lives is just plain awesome.

Current PE Lesson Plan/Unit:

I am currently teaching underhand throwing to K4 through 2nd grade, and basketball dribbling, passing, and shooting to 3rd through 8th grade. All my lessons start with an ASAP (Activity As Soon As Possible). I try to incorporate some type of fitness component into this part of the lesson. I then go to the white board to discuss the What, Why, and How of the lesson being taught that day. After that I have movement skill focus time. I end the lesson with activity/game/play time. This is where my students get to put the skill/movement concept of the day into action.

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PE Focus for 2018:

My focus for this year is the same as every year. I strive to be better than the year before. Sometimes we can get complacent with what we do and we start to become stale. I absolutely love Physical Education professional development. Most school based PD seems to never benefit PE specialists. Also, teaching in an elementary school setting doesn’t allow you to collaborate with other PE Specialists. You’re kind of all by yourself on an island unless you purposely put yourself out there and search for help. This is why I love the internet and social media. Joining Facebook, Twitter, and Voxer has allowed me to collaborate with PE teachers from all over the country and the world. You can find me on Twitter at @PEberingmx – PE-4-KIDS – Michael Beringer.

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Favorite PE Lesson Plan/Unit:

My favorite PE lesson plan/unit is Jump Rope for Heart & Hoops for Heart day! Having a day where you celebrate being physically active and promoting a healthy lifestyle is an awesome way to spend a day with children. Seeing all the excitement and fun the students are having while also helping people really teaches the kids about empathy and helping others in our community.

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What is your favorite part about being a PE teacher?

All of it!!! Teaching kids how to be heart healthy, skillful movers, and how to enjoy movement has been a true blessing. I hope to finish my career doing it!! Remember Movement Matters!!!

More info about Michael Beringer:

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  1. Good morning – I was just reading your bio and was very much interested in the Jump for heart and hoops for heart. Any information would be appreciated. I am new to teaching PE and would love to do both at my school.

    Shannon 🙂

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