Dock Dogs – PE Warm-up Activity

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If you are looking for an activity that deals with jumping and landing, Dock Dogs is a great PE warm-up activity. I got the idea from a fellow PE teacher (Mark Jungmann), and I just modified the equipment. This activity will have students sweating until the very end!


How to Play:

Form two lines, or if you have more trampolines, it could be more. Students will start at the poly spots. The first two will sprint to the trampoline, jump off the trampoline and over the noodle hurdle, and then will land on the mat. When they are finished, they will go back to their line side, but jump to the other line. I had one noodle hurdle higher than the other, which made a challenge for students. The next student will go when the person in front of them has made the landing. Students waiting in line are to jog in place, while they wait for their turn.

My students really enjoy Dock Dogs. The activity gets them active and their heart rate up! Here is a video showing my students and how the activity is set up:

warmu-up pe activityAbout the Author:

Drew Burris is in his 6th year of teaching Physical Education at La Monte Elementary in La Monte, MO. He has been published on PE Central several times, won the 2015 Star of the Classroom, won the 2016 CTA Teacher of the Year, and has presented at MOAHPERD. Drew says that the best part of his job is seeing the students learning and also having fun being physically active.

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4 thoughts on “Dock Dogs – PE Warm-up Activity

  1. I have a small gym. I keep seeing different fun warm up activities, but they require so much set up that I don’t understand how I then transition into the main activity without tearing it all down. Do you leave this up when you go into your mail activity? Thanks for sharing a great idea!

    • Hi Kristina, great to hear you like the activity! I usually have the groups help disassemble then equipment. This makes for a great teamwork builder. Or I have the gym split into two sections, warm-up and activity – Drew Burris

    • Hi there, this is a great question. I have had no injuries. Safety was the main word used in the instructions. I mention there are no flips of any kinds. Students are to go over the hurdle, land on the mat, and then walk off. Lower level grades had the hurdles down lower. – Drew Burris

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