Quilt Mosaic Craft Activity

quilt mosaic craftAutumn is almost here, and it’s a perfect time to show how our new Quilt Mosaic craft kit can be created in a fall color theme. This patterned paper mosaic kit comes with reproducible quilt block templates, sheets of squares and triangle paper shapes in assorted colors and patterns (enough to make 32 quilt squares) and an instruction guide.

If you are looking for a way to incorporate history, math and geometry into a hands-on lesson, this is a great activity for your classroom or afterschool program! Introducing your group to mosaics, and the different ways you can use shapes to create, will also allow for a diverse craft program in the future. Our customers have also used this project with their assisted living residents, and they enjoyed choosing their patterns and experimenting with squares, triangles, and squares in their designs. 

How to Make a Quilt Mosaic


1. The kit comes with 6 quilt block design templates that can be re-used, so a great tip is to photocopy the quilt template you want to use, and then just trim off the extra paper.

quilt mosaic craft activty

2. Select some of the colors and patterns from the paper shapes that come in the kit. There are 1440 shapes to choose from, in either red, blue, orange, green and yellow with patterns and solid colors. The shapes are also perforated so you can punch them out from the paper sheets and no scissors are required. Plan out your design by laying the paper shapes on the template. I chose orange and a yellow with a leaf pattern. About partway through, I decided I wanted more contrast in the design so I added blue. I kept experimenting with the pattern until I created something I liked. A classroom teacher can use this project to talk about angles, squares and triangles, patterns and color. You could also discuss some of the information about the history of quilting, which is included in the instruction guide.

quilt mosaic craft activity

quilt mosaic activity

3. Once you are happy with your design, glue down the pieces using either white glue or glue stick. Start with the pieces in the lower left corner and work your way up and over the design. We recommend using either white glue or glue sticks to adhere the paper mosaic pieces. TIP: Once the pieces are glued down, press the entire quilt square down under some books.

quilt mosaic craft

4. The finished design is 8″x8″. Add a frame as a nice finishing touch! I decided to glue it to a larger sheet of cardstock and then framed it with a black fabric frame I had on hand. You can also use construction paper or poster board. Then using a soft gold colored pencil, I outlined some of the shapes to make them pop with a little gold color!

quilt mosaic craft activity

With the 6 different quilt block designs and the assorted colors and patterns of paper shapes, there are many ways to create unique projects with this kit! It was simple, relaxing and I love the finished project!

Submitted by: Ann Kollegger, Product Manager at S&S Worldwide

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