Crafts for the Chinese New Year

January 25th marks the Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival. In China, this is a time to bring family together for celebration and honor their ancestors. Children can learn and be influenced by this unique and beautiful culture through some great craft activities and works of art. Check out some of our favorites!

Year of the Rat

Since 2020 is the Year of the Rat, you can plan some fun and simple themed crafts! We love the printable templates from Holidappy, this cupcake liner mouse from I Heart Crafty Things, and this paper mouse from Red Ted Art.

year of the rat chinese new year

Chinese Letters – Sensory Activity

Kids can learn the movement and meaning of Chinese letters with this sensory sand activity from Nurture Store. Use a sensory tray, sand, and construction paper to print the letters.

counting in chinese

Dragon Egg Carton

Our personal favorite Chinese New Year craft is this eco-friendly dragon made from egg cartons from Activity Village. Use tissue paper and construction paper to bring your colorful dragon to life!

Chinese New Year craft ideas

Chinese New Year Drums

We found this great craft idea from Gift of Curiosity! The pellet drum is a Chinese instrument called the Bolang Gu. When you turn the stick between your hands, the pellets make a musical sound against the drum heads.

Chinese new year crafts

Good Luck Ornament

This craft captures the essence of the Chinese culture using the symbol called “fu” which means good luck. A great activity for the classroom because you can hang them up! We found so many great versions of this craft including one from which uses Popsicle sticks, and a more advanced one from the blog Sand In My Toes.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year craft activity

Chinese Lanterns

A fun way to decorate for the Chinese New Year! Make your own festive lanterns like these ones from the Nurture Store. You will see lanterns like these in the Chinese festival, and they are red to symbolize good fortune.

Chinese New Year lantern craft

What is your favorite way to celebrate the Chinese New Year?

Check out some of our Chinese New Year items!

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2 thoughts on “Crafts for the Chinese New Year

  1. What a beautiful craft.

    By the way, Happy Chinese New Year to S&S Blog
    May all go well with you. wishing you great happiness and prosperity.


  2. the craft with four popsicle sticks …. perhaps better if the paper is gold in colour. chinese people use black and white only for funerals.

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