13 Products You Need This Summer!

Okay so maybe “need” is a bit of an overstatement, but I’ll let you be the judge. Get ready to have a blast this summer, because you can plan the best summer ever with our favorite products. I think you’ll agree that these items are great for outdoor fun!

13 summer outdoor activities

Super Sizing Summer for Super Amazing Fun

Jumbo Jam Basketball Hoop

jumbo jam basketball summer

Adults and Kids could have fun with this for hours.  It’s a safer version of a bounce house and there are so many games you could incorporate with it.

Jumbo Bubble Maker

bubble maker for summer

Who doesn’t love bubbles? This is a great portable item to bring to the park or camping as well.

Jumbo Beach Ball

jumbo beach ball

So many fun activities. This ball is 4 feet tall. This would be a huge hit at the beach, a kid’s party or even summer camp.

Jumbo Chess Sets

jumbo chess and checkers summer

Whether it is chess or checkers, this game is much more interesting when it is Jumbo and you have to actively have to walk to move the pieces.  It’s like you are actually “in the game”. We have several options ranging from Jumbo to Ginormous!


jumpolene summer fun

Kids will love this inflatable bouncing Jump-o-lene! Great for providing kids with a safe place to jump around. You can also add ball pit balls for even more fun, or use as a pool!

Giant Cannonball Drop

Jumbo Giant Ball Drop Game

A larger version of the popular game Kerplunk, this has the same effect as the Giant Jenga game and kids and adults can’t help but want to play.

Football Target Challenge

activities for summer football

This game is great for getting outside and getting active! Challenge kids to learn throwing skills with a football. Play a complete game or just use the 5 targets to increase accuracy. Includes durable canvas target, support poles and stakes and 4 junior sized rubber footballs.

Some Good Ole’ Fashion Fun for the Summer

Ball and Balloon Launcher

Water Balloon Launcher

Perfect on hot days. Draw a line with sidewalk chalk or spray paint and you can see who can launch their balloon the farthest. Then use the water balloons to cool down!

Ladder or Golf Toss Game

ball toss game summer

A golf ball spin on horseshoes. This game is not only fun for a wide range of ages, it’s challenging. Great for summer family picnics!

Tower Disc Game

frisbee game for kids this summer

This game may be new to some of you, and I was so happy to find it on our site. I played it back in college when it was called Polish Horseshoes. This is such a fun game!

Experiencing New & Fun Games this Summer

Catch-A-Ball Toss Game Set

summer games

This classic “pop and catch the ball” game is simple, captivating and a great hand-eye coordination test. Swing the 3″ plastic ball on a 30″ string and catch it in the handled catch cup. The pack includes 6 Catch-A-Ball cups and balls, one in each Spectrum™ color, plus an activity sheet with interesting game variations. We believe in trying new things throughout the summer, so mastering something like this would be awesome.

Table Top Games

table top games

Whether it is around the camp fire, indoors on a rainy day, or an ice breaker – I love table games because you really get to know people, you learn new concepts, and it also helps with cognitive thinking.

Make Your Own Bouncy Balls

bouncy balls summer craft kit

What can I say? I’ve already bought this! Every child I know (including my husband) would love this activity.

That’s our list of summer activities! Let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite!

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