Valentine Craft with Pom Poms

valentine's day craft
We’ve been having so much fun creating these adorable pom pom “monsters” for Valentine’s Day, we just had to share them with you. They are so easy to make, and there are so many color options and cute ways to make each one different. In under 5 minutes you and your kids can create these little love bugs. Then give one to each of your loved ones to show how much you care!


Valentine craft with pom poms

First, choose a color pom pom. I started with red and pink. You can also use white. Then decide what color you want the ears and feet to be. I used purple and pink felt, and silver, pink, purple, and red pipe cleaners. Switch up the colors to make each one unique.

Next, shape the pipe cleaner as a heart, or any cute design you want. Stick the end of the pipe cleaner deep into the pom pom. Separate the fluffy part and try to get the sharp end of the pipe cleaner into the middle of the pom pom. You may need to glue it for the little pom poms.

Cut out a heart shape out of the felt. You can try freehand or use a heart shaped cutout as a guide. We also have the pre-cut felt shapes that come with 4 hearts per color, and these are perfect with the tiny pom poms. The felt heart is the feet! Glue the pom pom onto the felt.

Now, choose what size eyes you want. There’s small, medium or large. I used medium on most because they look cute and silly with bigger eyes. Glue those onto the pom pom.

That’s it! Now make your own and give it to your Valentine! Once you start making these, you’ll want to make more! The little ones were my favorite.

pom pom valentine's day craft

You can also try this with our Neon Hearts to create even more heart shaped Valentine crafts! For these you can add arms and legs with the pipe cleaners too. And then you can hang them up!

valentine's day heart craft

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