Art Show Theme Featuring Famous Artists


art show

Are you inspired by the great masters, like Picasso, Van Gogh, and Warhol? Have fun this Spring by creating a fun Art Show for your art enthusiasts that allows them to tap into their creativity. Set up several art stations that provide your art group with the opportunity to sample the artwork of some of the greatest masters.

Vincent Van Gogh

Get inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers series by inviting your artistic group to paint sunflower pots that can double as planter covers for your indoor plants. Use the kit’s markers to create the pretty sunflower artwork.

In addition, have your art group make sand stars in honor of Van Gogh’s 1889’s portrait The Starry Night. For the art, simply peel away a section of the paper before applying colorful sand to the section. Continue reading

5 Feather Crafts & Designs for DIY Lovers


Feather crafts are trending! We’ve shared 5 of our favorite craft activities: quill feathers, dreamcatchers, watercolor, ornaments, plus DIY designs for your journal or canvas.

White Quill Feathers

feather craft

gold feathers

We have these white feathers in two sizes, small duck quill feathers and the longer quill feathers. We colored them with Crayola markers, then brushed them with water to blend the color onto the feathers. Let it dry, then you can add some details with fine point markers. You can also add sticky gems. You can also make gold dipped feathers and use them to create a DIY dream catcher mobile like the one above from Honest to NodContinue reading