Fall Leaf Paper Craft – Library Storytime Activity


leaf people craft

This paper leaf craft is a super easy activity for all ages for the Fall season! I used it for my Fall storytime at Dripping Springs Community Library. First, I started out with a silly rooster puppet named Doodley Doo that told silly jokes about Fall. We also enjoyed a wiggly song called It’s Time to Stand Up – Come and Make a Circle 3 by Susan Salidor.

After sharing the picture books, Fall is Not Easy by Marty Kelley, Little Tree by Loren Long, Fall Mixed Up by Chris Raczka, and Sophie’s Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller, we enjoyed a very fun craft time making Fall leaf people.

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10 DIY Fall & Thanksgiving Craft Ideas


Looking for some fun new crafts and decorations to help you with your Fall and Thanksgiving celebrations? Check out our top 10 DIY crafts that you can keep up all season long!

Thanksgiving Craft Stick Wreath

Our Craft Stick Wreath Craft Kit can be easily turned into a Fall and Thanksgiving themed activity! This simple wreath is made with regular and jumbo craft sticks that are colored with markers and water to give a blended look. Then simply glue the craft sticks to the included wreath shape. Everything you need to make the wreath is included in the kit.

If you want to get even more creative like we did, add a festive message using jute string, oak tag, and the markers which are included in the kit. We also thought it would be fun to have some of our wood leaves hanging in the center.

Pie Garland 

Who doesn’t love eating pie for Thanksgiving? Make a festive pie garland to hang up as a decoration for your Thanksgiving events. These Kraft Paper Pennants work great because they are made from heavy paper, the perfect pie shape, pre-punched holes, and the color makes it easier to decorate.

Fold a strip of white or tan paper accordian style to create the crust at the top. Glue the sides to the back of the kraft paper so you don’t block the holes. Then string jute through the kraft paper holes. You can choose which types of pies you’d like to create. Here’s how we made the 4 you see here: Continue reading

Thanksgiving Puzzle Tree Craft for the Classroom


Thanksgiving craftCelebrate the meaning of Thanksgiving in your classroom with this puzzle tree craft! Teach students what it means to be thankful, and have them share what they value the most this year. This is a great collaborative art project, and can be hung up on your bulletin board for the season! You can also use this activity for afterschool, and even with senior residents.


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Top 10 Halloween Crafts for Kids


Halloween is such a fun holiday for kids to express their creativity. There are so many cute characters, like ghosts, spiders, pumpkins, and mummies that they can create using simple materials. Here’s a list of our top 10 favorite Halloween crafts. You can also use them as fun decorations each year.

Mini Halloween Clay Pots

halloween craft

Use our mini or large terra cotta pots to make your favorite Halloween characters! Put candy in them for a sweet treat.

  • Bat: Paint the pot black. Glue wiggly eyes, then draw a mouth and fangs with white paint using a thin paintbrush. Cut out bat wings out of black paper using a template.
  • Pumpkin: Paint the pot orange. Paint the eyes and mouth black with a small paintbrush or permanent marker.
  • Frankenstein: Paint the pot green, then paint the very tip of the opening with black paint. Use black felt for the hair. Glue on wiggly eyes, then draw a mouth and scars with a permanent marker.

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Fall Festival Activity Ideas and Games


fall festival activity and gamesAs the summer comes to an end, it’s a great time to look forward to the new season and start planning for your Fall Festival or carnival! We have gathered some great activity ideas and games for families, children, and residents of all ages that are sure to get everyone into the festive fall spirit! Many organizations participate in and host fall festivals, so we’ve highlighted a mix of age appropriate games so that everyone can be included no matter what their age or ability.

Are you also planning or attending a Trunk or Treat this year? We have shared some fun ideas here: DIY Trunk or Treat Ideas for Halloween.

Pumpkin Crafts and Games

Pumpkins are a huge fall staple and a must have for fall festivals. Depending on your budget, you may want to purchase actual pumpkins for activities or decorating, or to save money you can find fake ones made out of either paper mache or plastic.

Decorate Your Own Pumpkin Contest:fall festival pumpkin

Add a creative flair to your festival with a craft section and a pumpkin decorating contest using craft basics. No carving means no accidents! Use fake pumpkins or have pre-cut pumpkins on orange construction paper.

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