3 Crafty Ways to Label Your Vegetable Garden


garden signs craft

This year at S&S, a few of us in the Marketing Department decided to grow our own vegetable garden! There are garden beds at the end of the lot that are open for employees to use. After we decided what types of vegetables and herbs we wanted in the garden, we set out to plant. When then the plants started flourishing, we came up with a few creative ways to label them!

Painted Rocks

Gather some large rocks. It works best to find flat rocks that can easily be painted. We found a few good ones around our building. You can choose to paint a picture of the veggies with acrylic paint like we did, then add the name. Or you can just paint the names. There are so many fun options for painting rocks! Once you are happy with your designs and they are dry, cover them with Mod Podge for a coating. Since they are outdoors, this step is important. Now you can display them in the garden! Here is a photo of our eggplant, zucchini, jalepeno, and pepper.

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Watercolor Resist Art with Writing Lesson for Students



Objective: To visually inspire writing through textured resist art mediums

Age: 5+

Time: 30-45 minutes (writing varies)

Grades: Kindergarten +



Lesson for Crayon & Glue Resist Art

  1. Choose a topic to illustrate using masking tape or liquid glue.
  2. Choose the desired size of paper. Lighter shades will allow the ‘resist’ to appear easily.

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7 DIY Superhero Crafts for Kids


superhero crafts diy

Kids will have a SUPER fun time creating these DIY Superhero crafts for a themed party or event! Learn how to make a Batman plate, Wonderwoman bookmark, Superman frame, and more.

Superhero Comic Frame

superhero comic frame


This is one of our favorite superhero crafts! Start by painting your frame with white acrylic paint. Then choose which comics you’d like to use. We used comics from Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Green Lantern, Captain America, and The Flash. If you have a favorite superhero, you might decide to stick with one theme. You can use actual comic pages if you don’t mind cutting up one of your comic books. Another option is to search online for comic photos, and print them out on regular computer paper like we did. This way, you can scale them to size based on the frame you use. Continue reading

Using Foam Balls to Make Puppets – Homeslice Puppetry


making puppets

When we found out that Eric Weiss from Homeslice Puppetry was using our Foam Balls to sculpt puppets for his business, we just HAD to see what it was all about. We asked him to share some details and photos.

I’ve been inspired by the work of Jim Henson and “The Muppets” ever since I was a child, and that evidence is present in my craft. I began teaching puppetry as an original class that myself and two of my colleages developed at Nature’s Classroom. I then became inspired to tinker, develop, and learn more until reaching the level I am at now. I began my company as a way to turn my craft and passion into a career, and as a way to bring this passion to a new audience of folks outside of Nature’s Classroom who want to learn how to make these puppets. I believe that a lot of people would love to learn this craft and hope to continue to spread this knowledge to future generations. The thing that I love the most about puppetry is how it is an art that draws from so many different art forms and inspires boundless amounts of creativity.

The foam balls from S&S are really the best that I have found for the type of puppets I create, and they come in 6 very bright colors. Many of my puppet characters have very round heads, or you can just start off with something that’s round so you have less to cut off and waste when you are carving foam. Foam can get expensive really quick, so starting with a shape where you have less to cut off and waste is great.

Besides puppet heads, the foam balls also work perfectly for my fruit and vegetable puppets. I like to use the 8.5” diameter balls, but I know that some folks with smaller hands prefer the 7” diameter for this project. Either size works just fine, it is merely preference or how big a puppet that you plan to create. Continue reading

Watercolor Art Project – Tips & Techniques


watercolor art starters

Watercolor Art Starters

One of the most popular craft activities right now is watercolor painting! S&S craft expert Crafty Kate specifically designed our new Watercolor Art Starters to appeal to a broad range of ages and abilities. The pack comes with 4 different timeless designs; feathers, seashells, ice cream, and flowers. Each design is printed lightly in a soft grey ink to look like a pencil sketch drawing. That way you don’t have to start with a “blank canvas”, but can have the flexibility and fun of personalizing it with different colors and styles! They are printed on 8″x8″ watercolor paper, and the finished craft can be framed easily.

Watercolor Supplies:

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