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Under the Sea is a popular theme for kids, whether you are planning for an afterschool program, craft event, birthday party, summer camp, or recreational program. We’ve shared our favorite themed crafts and activities, with fun sea characters so kids can have an under the sea adventure. You can even make these themed for the movie Finding Nemo or Finding Dory.

Fuse Beads 

under the sea fuse beads

Our new sea themed plastic pegboards make a perfect activity for you Under the Sea theme! Create a design and place under the pegboard, then simply add fuse beads to the pegs by following the pattern. The pack of 24 includes 8 each of a dolphin, fish, and turtle boards. These boads are reusable so you can use them for your program each year! Use these fuse beads that come in a convenient and portable bucket!

Color-Me™ Fabric Sea Life Creatures

Under the Sea theme

These super cute sea creatures come in a 12 pack, with 4 each of an octopus, crab, and turtle. Kids can color their own sea pals with fabric markers! Great for an Under the Sea themed party.

Fishbowls Craft Kit

under the sea crafts

Make a 3D fishbowl! Children can learn about different fish and sea creatures while decorating their fishbowl. Fluorescent paint looks really cool on the fish, and you can use oil pastels for the bowl. This is a great craft for all ages, and comes in a pack of 36.

Coral Reef Craft Kit

under the sea crafts

Make the coral reef swim to life! This kit of 12 comes with dyed paper, fish and reef cutouts, silver circles and instructions. Kids will love being creative with the different coral pieces. One teacher had a great idea to turn it into a mobile with the coral hanging from ribbons! Add wiggly eyes to the fish for a fun 3D effect.

Stain a Frame Ocean Friends

under the sea kids crafts

These beautiful underwater scenes come as a 12 pack, with 3 of each design. Use glass stain to bring out the colorful sea life and backgrounds. Then hang them up to admire! Our favorite is the clownfish, like Marlin and Nemo in the movie Finding Dory. There are also sea turtles like Crush and Squirt!

Ceramic Fish Banks

under the sea kids

What better place for kids to save up money than in a fish bank? Our Ceramic Fish Bank Craft Kit (left fish) comes with all of the materials you need, including paint and brushes. The silly looking fish on the right is from our Color-Me™ line. These fish come unglazed so they can be decorated with paint, markers, crayons and more. Have kids create a fish like Dory with blue, yellow and black!

Tropical Fish Magnets

under the sea fish craft

These wooden fish magnets can be colored with Color Splash!® markers or acrylic paint. Kids can easily color in the lines to make bright tropical magnets. Add wiggly eyes and put them on your refrigerator!

Velvet Sea Life Totes

under the sea tote craft

Kids can use fabric markers (included) to decorate their own velvet sea life tote. Then add fun sequins and glitter glue to make it stand out! The little fish look like Nemo, and the starfish are like the one Dory meets in the fish tank in Finding Dory.

Sea Life Sequin Pictures

under the sea theme craft

We love this pack of sequin pictures! The pack comes with an octopus, dolphin, and a fish. This is a simple craft activity for young kids – just add self-sticking foam circles on the marked areas, add sequins and gems, then pull out the back holder to make it stand up. Above are photos from Burns Latino Studies Academy using the craft pack to learn about animals that live in the ocean.

Deep Blue Sea Coloring Place Mats

under the sea

These place mat sets feature bold lines and large coloring spaces so kids can color them easily with crayons (included), markers or coloring pencils. They also come with a cute sea poem printed on the outside. Color each fish with your favorite colors.

Under the Sea Turtle Puzzle

under the sea puzzle

See the ocean in a whole new light with our Under the Sea puzzle! Kids will love the colorful coral and various fish. Can they spot and identify which types of sea creatures are in the picture?

Sea Life Beads

under the sea bead craft

Make fun bracelets using our sea life beads. The beads are plastic and big, so they are easy to string.

Under the Sea Wall Theme

Under The Sea Theme

Create an incredible under the sea adventure theme in any room! This large wall decoration comes with marine life props to add to the sea background. Perfect for a sea themed party.

Sea Life Wall or Window Stickers

under the sea stickers

Stickers are always fun to use for craft activities and projects. Use them to create an underwater ocean scene, or add them to some of the craft projects we listed above!

For even more Under the Sea products, visit www.ssww.com/themes/under-the-sea

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