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Inflatable Belly Bumpers, Neon Art Projects and Cuddly Pet-like Therapy Friends are bringing joy to many programs we serve this month. It’s time for our June Customer Inspirations! We’ve pulled together some of the ideas our customers have shared with us to share with you. Want to submit your own idea to us?  You can email us at [email protected]., tag us in your social media posts, or include #sswwtrends on facebook, instagram or twitter! For even more ideas shared by our customers – head to our Customer Chatter Page.

Wow!  Look how creative these kids are. The team at Art Centric Studio has planned such a fun summer for their little artists. We are so excited to have our products being used to inspire creativity. Our Spiral Art Craft Kits during their ‘Neon Illusions’ week and these Dinosaur Bobble Heads during ‘Donuts & Dinos’ week. 

art centric studio spiral art craft art centric studio dino bobble head craft


Everyone here at S&S loves their furry pets and we can relate to the joy that this Perfect Petzzz Beagle brings to its owners at Active Day of Vineland.  Pet Therapy works!

dementia memory pets


These Neon Whistles are a nostalgic (and necessary in some cases) camp counselor and coach staple, so a golden whistle is the perfect creative reward for being chosen as a “helper”.

golden whistle idea


How creative are these keychains?!? Lea and Dave used our paracord and sports beads to design custom gifts for her grand kids AND the Senior World Volleyball group that is headed to Utah.

sports keychains


An adorable Rubber Ducky Baby Shower featuring our Styrofoam Balls and floating Rubber Duckies.

rubber ducky centerpiece


The preschoolers at Cathy’s Nursery colored our Flexible Wooden Fish to kick off summer and learn about animals found in the ocean. 

wooden fish craft DIY


We agree with Belchertown Day School – our jWay Hopscotch is very cool!  It keeps kids active and engaged and is super easy to put together and travel with!



Even birds are feeling the love this summer. The summer reading program at Boulder Community Library has the theme of “Building a Better World” and readers will be creating and designing the perfect Wooden Birdhouses Houses for their feathered friends

build a better world

We have enjoyed seeing all of the posts and comments about our Belly Bumpers.  Customers are using them to play Belly Bumper soccer, have Belly Bumper relays and even bringing them to the beach!  These inflatable bumpers are awesome because you can bring them anywhere for instant fun! Below is a round-up of the fun!

belly bumper outdoor belly bumpers belly bumper inflatable belly bumper toy belly bumper inflatable belly bumper games



We would love to hear from you too on the fun, cool, engaging and creative activities you are doing with your S&S Worldwide Products! Email us at [email protected]


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