S&S Weathers World War II with Sensory Therapy

Did You Know? that many S&S employees served overseas in the armed forces, or in the war effort at Pratt & Whitney, or Electric Boat? Back in the 1940s it was a challenge to keep our positions filled! At that time, our largest product line was partly finished leather goods, used by World War II veterans in VA hospitals and other rehabilitation programs. By 1945, this was the company’s primary customer base, and it has put us on the road for success with our adult therapy kits.

Pictured below is a photo from the summer of 1941 at the annual company picnic at Columbia Lake. This was the last gathering of our core associates before the attack on Pearl Harbor a few months later.  The attack plunged our country into war and many of the men and women shown in this picture would soon leave for the armed services. Polish, Italian, Ukrainian, and Jewish, they are a cross-section of the Colchester, CT families of that period, and the roots of our present day S&S family.

1941 ss picnic


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