Outdoor Patio Games For Senior Residents

Do you have a back patio that hardly gets used by your residents? If so, then schedule a few activities on the patio to encourage residents to come out and enjoy the space. Here are five fun game ideas from notjustbingo to try out this summer on your facility’s back patio.


skeeball senior games

Take residents back to their game-playing days by setting up a Skee-Ball game on the back patio. For the game, divide residents into teams to see how many points they can rack up by rolling the ball so that it lands on the board.

Pling Pong

senior patio games

Show residents how to play the fun table game of Pling Pong on a large table on the back patio. To play, set up the game’s cups and have residents compete to bounce the ping pong balls into their opponent’s cups.

Dice Roll

outdoor patio games seniors

Use an air pump to inflate rolling dice for residents to play an over-sized version of the doubles dice game. To play, have residents toss the inflated pair of dice to see how many times they can toss doubles in under a minute. Award points to residents each time they throw doubles.

Ladder Toss

ladder toss

Residents will earn points for wrapping the bolo balls around the colored rungs. This is a fun game to play on the patio. Practice with how far apart you place the ladders to see who has the best aim!  

Washer Toss

games for seniors patio

Encourage residents to play the classic washer toss game on the patio. Simply set up the portable washer game on the ground, and pass out washers for residents to try to toss into the target.

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