Obstacle Course for PE Class – Grades K-6

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PE teacher Kyle Winter shares with us his obstacle course idea for students K-6:

During my Jump Rope for Heart unit I decided to try a more abstract approach to our “Jump Day.” Jump day is meant to celebrate the ending of our jump-roping unit, having a healthy heart, and collection of donations for the American Heart Association. After gathering some input from my students, I decided against a normal jump roping circuit for Jump Day. Instead, I developed this obstacle course designed to work on a plethora of locomotor movements including jumping.

Equipment used:

  • Tunnel: 4 tumbling mats, 1 large parachute
  • Hurdles: 3 small cones, 3 large cones, removable hurdles
  • Jump Squares: 1 Speed ladder
  • Hula Tires: 12 – 16 hula hoops
  • Plank Walk: 2 short buddy walkers, 1 hula hoop, 2 hula hoop holders
  • Hop Scotch: 12 poly spots
  • Army Crawl: 2 milk crates, 1 hockey stick
  • Tarzan Swing: 2 climbing ropes, 3 tumbling mats


As you see in the video below, the kids were able to practice their running, jumping, hopping, crawling, and transfer of weight skills all in a 30 second time span while having a blast! The activity itself was meant to promote having a healthy heart by moving in not so traditional ways. The students LOVED the activity and keep asking me if when we are going to do it again. Every grade including kindergarten to sixth completed this activity. As a friendly competition, I decided to time how long it took everyone in their class to complete the obstacle course. I then took those times and had each grade level challenge the other classes with in their grade. The obstacle course took no longer than 10-15 minutes to set up by myself.

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About the Author:

obstacle course for physedKyle Winter attended Illinois State University to receive his Physical Education degree. He has been teaching Physical Education for three years. Kyle currently teaches in a suburb of Chicago known as Downers Grove, IL. His school district is very passionate about the Jump Rope for Heart program and Outdoor Education. He loves to find new and modern ways to put a fun twist on learning time old skills. Follow Kyle on Twitter @MrWinterDG58

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  1. Very nice obstacle course! It would be great for non-native English speaking person like me to get the list of commands the teachers uses. Thank you!

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