Introduction to Block Printing – Tutorial & Tips

block printing

Block printing is a fun process that allows for various crafting options. You can make different sized stamps, cards for special occasions, or frame your design and hang it up! Learn the basics of block printing and watch our step by step tutorial with tips and techniques. This is a great group project for both teens and adults!

Recommended Age: 13 +


Benefits of Clear Carve Linoleum

  • Flexible – no need for heating tools
  • Clear surface – allows for easy image transfer
  • Durable – won’t crack or dry out

How to Make a Stamp Using Clear Carve Linoleum

VIDEO Tutorial:

Written Tutorial:

Step 1: Preparing Your Design

Choose an image you would like to use for your stamp. You may decide to draw out your own image, print out a clipart image, or use a pre-drawn image. We created a stamp that says Hello, and also an image from our Velvet Art Mini Posters. Print your image to fit either a 4×6 or a 6×8 plate.

Note: When you are printing letters, be sure to convert all text into a reverse image when printed.

Tape the image to the back of the linoleum. This prevents the image from moving when you are carving. Now choose what color paper you would like to use for your finished stamp. Make sure it is smooth paper so the design prints clearly. Cut the paper to size depending on how much open space you want around the design.

Step 2: Carving*

block printing how to

Our linoleum cutter set comes with 6 assorted blades. Choose the size that works best for your design and set it aside. Carve the negative space, meaning the area that will not print for your stamp. For example, for our Hello stamp we carved out the area around the letters. The areas you do not carve will show up when you apply the paint in the next step.

*Safety Tips: Always carve away from yourself. Rotate the plate so you can get the angle you need. Don’t push too hard on the plate – this helps avoid slipping. Carry the cutter with the blade pointing down, and only use as it was intended for. Safety First!

Tip: Once you finish carving, make sure you brush away any of the stray pieces you carved, and wipe the finished plate clean with a damp paper towel to remove any residue from handling.

Step 3: Apply the Paint

block printing linoleum

Squeeze some paint into a tray, and roll the brayer through the paint in various directions until it is completely covered. With your design laying flat on the table, carved side up, roll the brayer in different directions to apply the paint in a smooth, even layer.

Important: Acrylic paint dries fast, so be sure to move on to the next step immediately. 

Tip: Place a piece of scrap paper underneath the plate for easy cleanup and to protect your work surface.

Step 4: Create Your Stamp

block printing stamp

Place a piece of colored paper over your design, and gently press on it to smooth the paint onto the paper. Once you have pressed everywhere on the paper, pull the paper up gently and carefully to reveal your design. Lay it flat to dry.

Important: Make sure to do this quickly so the paint does not start to dry, or else the paper will stick. 

Repeat this step again to make more stamps, and try different colored paper and/or paint! You can also experiment with your design by drawing on it with colored pencil or crayon, or add some craft embellishments.

block printing

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