How to Make Snowman Candy Treat Gifts


With two kids in daycare full time, I am always looking for special ways to thank their teachers for all the love and support they give my kids. Just a little something to let them know they are appreciated. I decided to make these fun winter snowman treats one morning when I was wishing I had a pair of fuzzy socks myself! On a cold winter’s day who doesn’t want some warm socks and a sweet treat? Once I made some for my children’s teachers, I decided that there were many other people in my life who would enjoy this gift as well. So I made some for my sisters, colleagues and even the mail carrier.


How to Make Snowman Candy Treat Gifts

Step 1: Wrap the candy with white paper, like you are wrapping a present. Tape each side.

snowman candy gift

Step 2: Stick adhesive wiggly eyes to the paper, then cut a nose out of orange sticky felt. No glue needed! Then draw a mouth using a permanent marker. You can have fun with different designs, like an open mouth, pebble mouth, and either large or small eyes and noses.

Step 3: Fold the cuffs of the socks so they stay together. Then put the wrapped candy inside the cuff.

Step 4: Tie ribbon, raffia, or trim around the top of the socks to make them look more like the hat of the snowman.

snowman candy gifts

Step 5: Add a personal message! We made up this poem and typed it up on a winter background. The dimentions are about 2.5″ x 3″.

snowman candy gift

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