How To Make An Easter Egg Snake

What are you supposed to do each year with all of your left over plastic Easter Eggs? Don’t throw them away, make Easter Egg Snakes! These little guys were so simple to make.



Start by sorting out all of the long sides of the eggs – I used about 40. Save one short end for the snakes face. Next, feed Extra Thin Elastic Cord through the egg halves (if the eggs you have do not come with with a hole, you can use a thumbtack to create one on your own).


Once you’ve reached the desired length for your snake, cut each of the ends and create a double or even triple knot so that it doesn’t slip through the hole. Next place two wiggly eyes on the snakes face. Then carefully, using an X-Acto Knife create a small slit where the tongue will go. Cut out a tongue from construction paper and place it through the slit (you may need to use a little glue on the inside so it doesn’t fall out) and there you go, your Easter Egg Snake is complete!


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