Healthy Foods Frenzy Activity For PE

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Purpose: To reinforce the MyPlate Food Groups

Prerequisites: MyPlate Food Groups, scooters and scooter safety

Grades: 2-3



Place scooters on one side of the activity area with hula hoops behind the scooters.
Scatter MyPlate Food Group Pictures on the other end of the gym – the “Grocery Store”

Divide students into groups and instruct them to sit next to their “dinner plate”/hula hoop without touching their “shopping cart”/scooter

Display one of the provided grocery lists on the board. Below is the first list I used, but each list got a bit harder (i.e. 2 proteins, 1 grain, 2 dairies, 3 fruits, 1 veggie)



The first student in line will use the scooter to travel from their “dinner plate”/hula hoop to the “grocery store” riding on their “shopping cart”/scooter
Students may ride on the scooters on their stomachs using their hands to pull them or sitting on their bottoms using their legs to push/pull them.

The student will find one food from the grocery list, bring it back, and set it on the “dinnerplate”/hula hoop before passing the scooter to the next person in line.

Groups will continue until they believe they have all of the foods from the list. If students believe they have all foods from the list they may raise their hands to have the teacher come and check. If it is all correct students get one point for every food from the list in the correct area on the plate. Rest of students will get 1-2 minutes to finish their “shopping”

health nutrition game pe

About the Author:

Madalyn Vaudrin is currently an elementary physical education teacher in Casselton, ND. She received  Bachelor of Science degrees in Health Education and Physical Education at Minnesota State University Moorhead. She is also certified to teach Developmental Adapted Physical Education. In her free time, she loves spending time with friends in family. Follower her on Twitter @PeMissV

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