Gator Skin Buying Guide – How to Choose the Right Ball for Your Program

gator skin

Gator Skin is the original coated skin foam ball and continues to be the most recognized brand in the category. S&S Worldwide offers a wide selection of colors, sizes and performance in Gator Skin balls. Finding the right ball to fit the needs of your group and aligning with your activities can be challenging. Use the selection guide for Gator Skin below to make the process easier and choose the right ball for your program!

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gator skin buying guide

Benefits of Using Gator Skin For Your Program

Durable & Light with Easy Grip – Our kid-friendly balls are dramatically lighter than standard playground balls. The tactile, non-sting coating makes them easy to grip, and the coating is so durable, they’re virtually tear and puncture proof.

The King of No Sting! – No more tears from stinging hits! Allows everyone to get in on the action with ease and confidence knowing there is no sting associated with getting hit by a Gator Skin ball!

Versatile – Designed to be used for PE programs, summer camps, sports teams, and more.

Variety – We offer Gator Skin balls in a wide variety of sizes (8), colors (over 10), graphics and shapes (regular balls, soccer balls, footballs, and even dice). We’ve got a Gator Skin ball for just about every game imaginable!

Gator Skin Balls – Types and Descriptions

gator skin balls guide


A different ball for most kids’ favorite activity! The smaller 5″ & 6″ balls are for younger players and have a low-density foam core to eliminate any sting. Balls 6.5″ and up use a medium density foam to enable balls to be thrown further and more accurately.

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Dodgeball buying guide


Softi balls all have a low-density foam core virtually eliminating sting if a player is hit with the ball. The low-density core results in ball with lower rebound.

Special / Super Balls

Special balls have a medium density foam core that increases the liveliness of the balls, makes them a bit heavier and better able to be thrown longer distances.

Specialty (Unique)

A wide range of balls with unique characteristics for specific sports, inviting graphics, improved grip, maximum rebound or for adaptive P.E.

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