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Focused fitness program

In my first week on the job at S&S Worldwide, I was invited to a presentation by Focused Fitness. CEO Karen Cowan and COO Ron Malm started by sharing with us their vision, which is the same as ours; to help people play and learn. They hope to achieve this vision by encouraging life long wellness through programs on fitness, health, activity, and nutrition.

We learned about their FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM®  which is a K-12 fitness and health curriculum. They also talked about their FAB 5® After School Program. I was so impressed at the research they both had done to put these programs together and the knowledge they had about the world of fitness.

focused fitness activity 2

Then Ron Malm told us we were not going to sit for the whole presentation, we would be getting up and getting active! This got everyone’s attention. The best part, and most memorable, was when Ron told us all to stand up and grab a partner. Everyone was nervous about what activity he would have us do. The instructions were to do some type of movement, and your partner had to mirror it, then add their own movement. Then you would have to repeat your movement, theirs, and then add another. And so on until one of you messes up. The whole time, everyone was smiling and laughing.

This activity is part of the FAB 5® program they offer. They use these Classroom Activity Breaks to give
children a movement break to increase cognitive performance, concentration and fitness. I certainly felt like I could concentrate better after that!

It was also great to hear how they Focused fitness programhelp schools and teachers to implement the curriculum. Ron & Karen have trainers and certified PE and exercise specialists to help guide people through their programs. They strongly believe in professional development, and getting active and involved so that their customers know how to use these programs correctly and effectively.


It has become more and more of a concern that traditional PE programs are not effective for students. Want to implement a new fitness curriculum at your school? Learn more about fitness, nutrition, health resources, and curriculum from Focused Fitness. 

Submitted by: Chelsea Brown, Social Media & Marketing Coordinator, S&S Worldwide

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