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We are excited to start our Featured PE Teacher section on the PE Central Facebook page! This week’s spotlight is on Scott Dyer.

Scott DyerAbout Scott Dyer

I teach at PS 251 located in Brooklyn, New York. My school is public school that serves students from Pre Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. We are a part of the New York City Public Schools. I am the Physical Education Teacher, Chairperson of the School Wellness Committee, Professional Learning Community PE Facilitator for the Office of Wellness, and a Move-to-Improve Champion. Currently, I teach Pre Kindergarten through the Fifth Grade, and approximately 550 students a week. I have been teaching for over 14 years.

Current Lesson Plan/Unit

  • Pre K & K: I have been working on the fundamentals of the basic loco-motor skills and pathways as well as how to track a ball to properly catch it.
  • Grade 1-3:  They are learning the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship through the relay races while tossing a beach ball through a target.
  • Grades 4 & 5:  I am preparing them right now for the next parts of the FitnessGram (e.g. push-up, trunk lift, and curl-up) through various fitness circuits. In addition, I have ended each class with a game of Monster Ball.

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Focus for 2017

Every year I set out a goal to make students more aware of the importance of fitness in and out of school. The main focus this year is for my students to find love of running. I am a runner myself and all my classes are a part of the Mighty Milers Program ran by the New York Road Runners. My students are off running when they enter my gym and up to running up a half mile without stopping. My goal is for them to reach a mile without stopping. I make sure they have a good time, and the New York Road Runners give incentives for each milestone my students make.

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Favorite Lesson Plan

My favorite lesson plan has to be a game I created called Bullseye. It can be played with all grades from Kindergarten (with modifications) through Fifth Graders. I have seen students who are shy and do not always want participate fully love this game. This game has brought students together who could not work together now work together as a team. They are always asking to play it. It got so popular, I have now made it a part of Field Day as one of the events! View the Bullseye activity in the Indoor Field Day Guide.

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PE Teacher Inspiration

My favorite part of being a PE teacher is knowing I have left an impact on my students lives. As a child, I would watch my father (a former PE teacher) teach and coach many teams. When he retired, I saw former students coming back to see him during his last week and thanking him for all that he did. Over the 14 years at PS 251, I have been a father figure to many students, an ear when they needed to talk, first coach who believed in them to unlock their potential, and motivator to get them on the right path.

After Hurricane Sandy, one student kept on making sure that I was okay every day after I came back to work. She said to me, “Mr.  Dyer, you will get through this and you know why because you have taught me how to be strong when life brings you down.” This student still to this day comes back weekly to check on me.

Thanks Scott for sharing about your experience as a PE Teacher!

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  1. Yes, of course, we need to be strong when life brings you down! It is crucial! Thanks for sharing the article about your teaching experience!

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