Engaging Activities for Senior Men

Many of our activity directors and health customers are always looking for new or engaging activities for the men in their programs. Although some men do like to ignite their creative side with painting and art projects, most men just want to be men.

What does that mean? Well, it means that sometimes just creating a space and atmosphere where men can just gather, hang out and talk is really an activity in itself. Find an empty corner of a hallway or a room and finish it as a man’s room. A bar counter or high top table with stools, tables and chairs, fishing poles in the corner, and men’s magazines. Add a tv and dvd player with stacks of classic hot rod or comedy movies on shelves, and even a popcorn machine in the area to invite a more casual feel.

My father isn’t in an assisted living program, but I know that if he were in an active community, this is where he would hang out. Sometimes the best activity for retired men is a place where the men can be together. Then once in awhile, you can use one of the ideas below to host a fun and friendly contest! May the best man win!

If you don’t have the additional space to accommodate a “man room”, or are not quite ready for it, we have listed a few fun activities that you can implement right away in your program.

Shuffle Put

Shuffleboard meets golf. I could not think of two better games to combine for senior males. We have full instructions on the product page for this, so the work is already done.  A little healthy competition never hurt anyone!

 shuffle put game

Indoor Horseshoes

Horseshoes has always been a favorite for the boys at our family bbqs. Now we have games like Cornhole Toss and Disc Jam, but older generations like the original games. This set is perfect because residents can sit or stand and it allows everyone to participate. Instructions and rules are viewable on our product details page.

indoor horseshoes

Unfinished Wooden Model Cars & Planes

This kit is perfect for an activity for your group for so many reasons, the biggest being it provides a fun activity for a grandfather to do with their grandson. All nine of the models pictured here come with the set, and have instructions for assembling each on our product page. Once put together, or before, the pieces can be painted.

wooden model cars

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  1. I am interested in craft ideas for seniors I work with a few seniors at home and try to keep interested in doing all kinds of things as activities

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